The KBO K Series - Which Color Is Right for You?

The KBO K Series - Which Color Is Right for You?

If you’re in the market for your first electric bike that not only performs well but also lets you express your unique style, then look no further. Our K Series e-bikes offer affordability without compromise, featuring five distinct colors to suit every rider's preference. Whether you lean towards bright and vibrant or something more understated and timeless, we've got you covered. Let's dive into the 5 different colors and help you discover which color speaks to your riding spirit.

Olive Green

Olive Green is only available on our K1 model and offers a unique and distinguished look that resonates particularly well with mature individuals. Subtle hints of emerald and jade conjure up images of dense forests, climbing ivy, and cabin getaways. While olive green may not be the most conventional choice, it holds a special appeal among men, ranking highly in popularity surveys. The rich texture of this color has also found favor with those who appreciate its timeless and sophisticated vibe. If you're seeking an electric bike that exudes a sense of dignity, ruggedness, and style, the Olive Green K1 could be the perfect choice for you.

Blush Pink

As you may have noticed, there are very few pink e-bikes on the market today but gone are the days when pink had to be harsh and gaudy, and in are the days when more serious shades of pink can evoke the true power of femininity. That’s why we are offering Blush Pink exclusively on our K2 model as a serious alternative to the traditional and girlish pink hues of decades ago. After many iterations in our test lab, many women in our survey agree Blush Pink strikes a perfect balance between not too dark and not too bright, resulting in an attractive and refined shade that complements the K2 model beautifully. If you're looking for an electric bike that embodies elegance and luxury, the Blush Pink K2 might be your ideal choice.

Sky Blue

Our Sky Blue color option, available for both K1 and K2 models, is universally appealing and for good reason. This refreshing shade of blue offers a vibrant and youthful style that speaks to a wide audience. It’s also worth noting that this color looks fantastic in photos—perfect for Instagram-worthy shots—where the dark black of the tires, gears, and seat contrast perfectly with the light blue tones of the foldable frame. If you're looking to capture those picturesque moments of sunset rides on the boardwalk, the Sky Blue model could be your go-to choice.

Midnight Black

When you think of black you think of limousines, tuxedos, sunglasses, and marble floors. That’s why our Midnight Black ebike, available in both models, is the essence of dignity and sophistication. This classic and timeless color makes a powerful statement wherever you ride. The sleek black finish gives this ebike a high-end look, perfect for those who appreciate style and want to convey a sense of professionalism. Whether you're commuting to work or enjoying a leisurely ride, the Midnight Black model is designed to enhance your overall riding experience with its strong appearance.

Pearl White

The Pearl White color option for both the K1 and K2 models is the color for anyone seeking a quality e-bike that effortlessly blends with its surroundings. This versatile and clean color choice appeals to a broad audience, regardless of gender or age, who appreciate a bike that looks good no matter the scenario. The Pearl White finish is a standout choice for those who value both aesthetics and functionality in their e-bike. Whether you're cruising through urban streets, exploring scenic trails, or simply commuting to work, you can’t go wrong with Pearl White. So if you're in search of an electric bike that integrates into your lifestyle and always looks good, Pearl White is a perfect match.


We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring our range of color options for the K Series lineup of e-bikes featuring Olive Green, Blush Pink, Sky Blue, Midnight Black, and Pearl White.

While each color is unique and has its own merits, the common thread amongst each of these options is that they are all available on one of the most affordable and functional ebikes to hit the market in years: The K1 and K2.

The best choice for your first ebike is the one that looks best without breaking the bank. That’s why the K Series comes in these 5 stylish colors and won’t cost you nearly as much as the competition, especially when you consider the current $300 discount and an additional $200 off when you buy 2 at the same time. Plus, Veterans and students will also receive additional discounts by completing the relevant information in our links.