Why Electric Bikes Are The Best Choice For Commuting | KBO Bike

Why Electric Bikes Are The Best Choice For Commuting | KBO Bike

Why Electric Bikes Are The Best Choice For Commuting

1. Social distancing and safety

Currently, public transportation is no longer the best travel method. During the pandemic, people want to be safe and realize it is time to change how they commute. Electric bikes allow one to travel safely and refrain from crowded bus depots, where the risk of infection is significant. Traveling on an electric bike will enable you to take in the fresh air and reduces the chance of transmission.

Electric bikes allow one to travel safely

2. Say goodbye to traffic jams 

Everyone knows what it is like to run late, only to end up stuck in traffic. If public transportation is late too, this delays you even further. Choosing an electric bike will allow you to enjoy your morning without rushing through your daily routine. Enjoy a cup of coffee, grab a bite to eat and relax knowing the bike will leave you stress free, and able to travel quickly and safely.

electric bike avoid traffic jams

3. Strength mobility and great exercise

There are so many benefits associated with cycling. The dual benefits of the electric bike allow you to determine if your ride is one for leisure, or for staying fit. Many people ride bikes to increase the heart rate, promote blood circulation, burn calories, assist with weight loss, and reduce the risk of major health implications such as heart disease and cancer. With the E-bike, you choose how much of your ride is to stay fit. If you enjoy more of a physical challenge, power off the bike and pedal away. Riding a bike prolongs life, and may be just what you need to stay fit and healthy. Some people think electric bikes are cheating and making you lazy. But in fact, they are not. Here is why.

electric bike strength mobility and great exercise

4. Electric bikes are environmentally friendly and save money

Electric bikes do not only promote a healthier lifestyle, but they also save time and are friendly to the environment. E-bikes are the best choice for low carbon travel. Electric bikes eliminate greenhouse emissions, traffic jams, and parking fees. You don’t have to dig in your pockets for gas money, and there are no hefty maintenance fees. Choosing an E-bike cut out the bus fares, and keep the air clean by never having to use fuel. 

Electric bikes are environmentally friendly and save you money

5. As a substitute for a car

We have stated the harmful emissions are driving cars causes that harm the planet. More than 30% of carbon dioxide, 50% of nitrogen oxide, and 80% of carbon monoxide each year are generated by motor vehicles. An electric bike is a perfect alternative that eliminates these toxic emissions. Research has shown that if every American citizen were to swap their cars with an electric bike just for one day in a week, it would have as much effect as taking a million vehicles off the road immediately.

electric bike as a substitute for a car

6. A Green Way to Have Fun

Saving the planet doesn't just end by reducing carbon footprint. You would care for the planet more if you get to enjoy its view better. Apart from electric commuter bikes, several off-road electric bikes are designed to enable riders to explore nature, enjoying it to its fullest. These bikes have extra power and can be used on trails when camping or just for a mountain ride.

Electric bike is A Green Way to Have Fun

How Commuting with Electric Bikes are Saving The Planet

Electric bikes are made for comfort. They provide flawless speed over any terrain while enjoying some fresh air and getting much-needed exercise time too. There are numerous reasons why electric bikes are popular, one of them being their eco-friendly nature.

Light Design - Saves Road Ways

Electric bikes do more for the planet by reducing noise pollution to air pollution with their light design. Its weight allows for longer-lasting roads, cutting down on the need for frequent repairs. An electric bike is lightweight, and riding it is more beneficial for our roads' lifespan than driving a car. Cars and other heavy transportation methods cause the roads to deteriorate over time, requiring huge repairs costs.

The average car weighs 3425 pounds, while the average weight is 400 pounds without considering the human weight. This is on the high side when compared to, take, for example, the KBO commuter bike, which only weighs 62 pounds."

Best Charging Practice

While the battery of electric bikes requires charging and necessitates you to draw power from the power grid. You can do it in a way that ensures it is not a strain. After a pleasant day riding your electric bike, you can charge it during off-peak hours. These are hours when the electricity demand is generally at its lowest - during the evening hours. Charging during these times does not strain the power grid because you are using the excess power generated.

The benefits of off-peak charging are two-fold. Apart from being good for the planet, you will benefit from the lower rates charged during these times.

Sustainable Energy

There are also alternatives to charging using standard electricity - solar and wind power. These charging methods are a green power choice and further reduce your carbon footprint as the wind, and the sun is renewable and unlimited.

No sound pollution

Electric bikes cut down on the noise pollution generated by other forms of transportation running on gas or diesel. There is zero chance of noise pollution as electric bikes do not emit any sound.

Eco-Friendly Travel

Riding an electric bike is six times more eco-friendly and efficient than taking a train. Apart from being a green option for transportation, they offer greater freedom of movement devoid of restrictions compared to vehicles, trains, and other transportation methods.

Zero Emissions

One thing most means of transportation have in common is their need for fuel. Motorcycles, trucks, cars, and even trains typically run on diesel or gas that pollutes the atmosphere with their carbon emission. But guess what? electric bikes don’t. They are zero-emission method of transportation as they run on clean energy.

Harmful gases like nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, and methane do not only poison the air but are the main cause of global warming. however, these are the gasses emitted by automobiles. A standard 4 seat car driven for an hour daily annually emits 4.6 tons of CO2 with large cars and trucks that run on diesel emitting even more. These toxic discharge increase the amount of ground-level ozone which can result in acid rain, and the disruption of the ecosystem.

The electric bike is a handy and brilliant alternative to using these harmful vehicles. It helps keep the air breathable and clean since it has no use of fuel. And if ridden for a year daily, the total toxic emission it produces is zero.

Preventing Air Pollution

Many cities today are plagued with air pollution which has led to the increase in the number of several respiratory health ailments. A leading example of the effect of this pollution is smog, occurring particularly in busy urban areas. Electric bikes emit zero pollution and thus are helping slow the distribution of these pollutants in the atmosphere.


Don’t hesitate any longer. It is time to make the best investment for you. Do something for yourself that promotes health and safety. If you are ready to save time and money, choose you, and invest in an electric bike. At last, let me share a KBO story provided by one of the KBO fans, let us hear what he said about the KBO Bike.