Prepare Your Valentine's Day Gift | KBO Bike

Prepare Your Valentine's Day Gift | KBO Bike

Valentine’s Day is coming soon. How can gifts and surprises be absent? Still simple and classic gifts? Such as a bunch of flowers? Or some unique and romantic presents? Such as a customized notebook or labels with written words? Every year is the same thing?  

Flowers and chocolate sound great, but a thoughtful and practical present is more perfect and romantic. Such as an electric bike.

Prepare Your Valentine's Day Gift

If you have married for many years and know your partner pretty well, you might be troubled with how to surprise him/her. If you have been dating for three months, you are probably not sure what kind of gifts he/she likes. Don't be hesitate! An electric bike is a perfect present!

To be frank, Valentine’s Day is a great day to have a reason to treat yourself and your loved one well. On this day, you usually need to prepare the perfect gift for your partner. This year could be a little different. You can prepare double presents---for yourself and a loved one. Whether you like heading to farmer's market every Saturday, enjoy getting around down to the town, love dating at sunset, or just enjoy freedom when you are alone, electric bikes are wonderful choices!

Breeze together!

Finding someone to ride with you on the weekend! Whether it is an important person you want to date with, a coworker you want to commute with, your parents, your partner, your siblings, your kids, picking two right electric bikes to take you to look for an adventure! If you check out two KBO Breeze commuter electric bikes, you can save more. Please check the details on the home page.


happy valentine's day from kbo bike

KBO Bike home page has different kinds of models of electric bikes. At this moment, we recommend that you choose two KBO Breeze electric bikes. We will ship out within one week if you place the order now, and you can get your bikes as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Whether you are looking for a daily commuter or a perfect commuting mate, KBO Breeze electric bike is the best choice. The KBO bike's big advantage is its battery which has a rating of 900 full charge cycles and a 768 Wh capacity. In practical terms, this means you can go further for longer, around 30-55 miles depending on weather and driving conditions. You can even keep your devices charged while riding with the handy 5V, 1Amp USB port! The waterproof battery is easy to remove for charging. The 3 Amp quick charger only takes 5 hours to fully charge, keeping pace with your busy lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for a fun way to get around your town or ride breezily on the streets, we recommend the KBO Breeze! No need for hefty fees and running costs, no more trips to the gas station to refuel -  the KBO Breeze e-bike gives you the independence to go anywhere, when, and how you want to go. Total freedom!


grab two kbo bikes to spend valentine's day

Whether you are more into cruising along or daily recreation, the KBO Breeze can be a perfect cruising mate. Take a short trip within the urban area or go on a longer journey. Whatever you want to do, a KBO Breeze e-bike is the best choice for you. The large capacity of its Samsung battery will allow you to go further on less! In practical terms, this means you can go further for longer, around 30-55 miles depending on the weather and driving conditions.

Whether you are into traveling or camping, a KBO Breeze can take a short trip with you. Take a trip with your electric bike is beneficial to you. Riding an e-bike is not only beneficial to your physical health but also beneficial to your mental health. Go biking can take trouble things off your minds and releases endorphins to make you in joy. Choose a date to ride on with your loved one to spend a beautiful day.