KBO Tornado Unboxing & Assembly Introductions

KBO Tornado Unboxing & Assembly Introductions

Hi everyone, welcome to KBO class! Here are details about unboxing the KBO Tornado and hope this passage will help you!

Remove all parts from the package with care and compare them to the list to ensure they are complete.

Step1: Install the front wheel

Remove the plastic axle guards from the front wheel being sure not to touch the brake rotor set. Next, align the dropouts with the axle of the wheel hub to make sure the fork dropouts are fully seated on the axle. Carefully lower the fork and ensure the brake rotor goes into the caliper. Open the quick-release skewer and remove the thumb nut and cone spring. Install the quick-release skewer starting from the brake rotor side of the wheel tighten the thumb nut and then use the palm of your hand to close the quick-release skewer.


Step2: Install the handlebars

Remove the four screws from the stem, and ensure the liner markings on the handlebars are centered and the handlebars are adjusted to a comfortable position.

Finally, tighten the screws with the assembly tool.

Step3: Install the saddle

Next insert the seat post into the slot, adjust the saddle height to a suitable height, and tighten the adjustment nut.

Step4: Install the pedals

Note that the pedal interface will be marked "R" and "L", "R" for right pedal, and "L" for left pedal. Thread the right pedal onto the right crank gently by the hand and turn clockwise. Install the left pedal in the same way, please be careful to turn counterclockwise. Both pedals should be tightened to 35 Newton meters by using a torque wrench.

Step5: Install the fender & headlight

Install fenders and the headlight attach the front fender and the headlight with the screws.

How to remove the battery pack?

When you want to take off the battery insert the key and turn it to release the battery pack. The battery pack can be removed and charged separately.

How to start and stop your e-bike?

To start the ebike, press and hold the battery switch button for 1 second, then press and hold the ‘M’ button on the handlebar for 3 seconds. To turn off the ebike, press and hold the ‘M’ button on the handlebar for 3 seconds.

How to open headlight and rearlight?

To turn the lights on/off, press the button above the headlights and the button below the rear lights.


It’s worth noting that please read the owner’s manual carefully or consult a certified local bicycle service provider for assistance in addition to contacting KBO Bike for help if you have any questions.