KBO Tornado Fat-Tire All-Terrain Bike Review

KBO Tornado Fat-Tire All-Terrain Bike Review

The lifestyle of leisurely outdoor living has always been pursued by many people, and e-bike riding is the first choice for most outdoor lifers. So how to choose an excellent means of transportation for ride life? If you want to ride farther, an ordinary pedal bike will be eliminated; if you want to ride cheaply and enjoy riding in a truck adventure, then a fuel-efficient and bulky motorcycle will not be your choice. In this case, an e-bike that is powerful enough to save money and can be carried by car/truck will be your choice, so KBO Tornado Fat Tire All-terrain Ebike is one of the perfect answers you are looking for.

This article is based on the video review and the written review brought by experienced Ebike review expert Chip Hanna(Youtube Channel-we tried it) and tells you why you should choose KBO Tornado Bike.

Easy Assembly

“Can I put together a KBO eBike by myself? Yes! It’s super easy. I recommend setting aside an hour to assemble the bike and watching KBO Bikes’ instructional video. The video is helpful and explains how to put the bike together. To follow along, I suggest opening the video on your iPad, watching one step at a time, pausing the video, and then completing each step before moving on to the next one. The KBO Tornado comes with everything you need to put it together, like this little cool multi-tool, which comes in handy.” (Click the pic below to watch the assembly video or find it on the Youtube Channel of KBO BIKE)


Nice Design on Look

“It’s very fairly durable and fairly sturdy.This (grey) Tornado to me looks a lot like the KBO Breeze, and they pumped it up. and it looks great. It’s a great-looking bike. It’s got this kind of steel gray bluish sparkly slightly tint to it. ”

Considering the needs of different people for Ebike, KBO Tornado has two types: KBO Tornado Step Over and KBO Tornado Step Thru. And the Tornado it's available in 4 colors below:

Fat Tires for enjoying All Terrain Ride

“4"wide fat tires offer extra stability and traction on various terrains.” As a 26"x4" fat tire e-bike, KBO Tornado provides the rider with enough freedom in time and terrain. The wide and thick tires allow riders to enjoy the fun of riding all year round without worrying about smooth snow. It lets riders keep stable during riding, get rid of troubles caused by muddy roads, and avoid large bumps, slips, or rollovers.


The Tornado fat tire electric bike is powered by a 48V/14Ah lithium-ion battery that will allow you to ride 45 miles on a single charge without assistance. With a USB charging port, you can charge your phone anytime.

“ I haven't fully drained the battery on any electric bikes I've tested, but this battery has plenty of capacity for your adventures. According to KBO, this battery has the capability to provide a 45-mile range when fully charged. Still, the actual distance may vary depending on factors such as the level of pedal assistance, the terrain (flat or hilly), wind, and the weight on the bike (including the rider!).”


The 750W power makes it possible to accelerate faster and get through obstacles effortlessly. It delivers smooth power transfer and packs enough punch to tackle off-road trails with steep inclines, which let you enjoy the fun of off-road riding under various difficult road conditions.


As a Class 2 Ebike, KBO Tornado can reach a top speed of 20MPH without pedal assistance. “During our test ride, I was able to get this bike to go just over the 20 MPH limit when testing – the fastest I got with the throttle-only was 20.4 MPH. Gravity and physics will not limit you from going any faster – you can always pedal to make the electric bike go over the assisted limit of 20 MPH.”

Other Great Features

“The KBO Tornado also features a front suspension fork with some adjustment options, allowing this bike to be taken on some trails. Paired with the giant, 4-inch fat tires, there are not many places you can’t take this e-bike.” And it also has a 6-speed Gear Shift System.


“Overall, The KBO Tornado is a great electric bike for its price point. It has a good quality battery, plenty of torque and speed, plus some nice extras like the front suspension fork and rear rack, and with its affordability, and exceptional battery life, the KBO Tornado is worth checking out.”

Recommended Accessories

And remember to pick up some accessories for your Tornado bike:

  1. Bike Hitch Rack: solve your ebike carrying problem when traveling in RV/truck adventure

  1. Rear Rack Basket: Carry some groceries for you. M&L sizes are available.

  1. Foldable Basket: carry something for you, and as the bike basket is designed to be foldable, it could be folded to a smaller size for convenient storage while not needed.

  1. Foldable Trailer: If you ride your Tornado for hunting, or carry your pets and heavy cargo, owning a trailer is the perfect solution.

  1. Double-sided Rear Rack Bag: the most convenient and common storage essential.

  1. Extra Spare Battery: Carrying a spare battery will allow you to ride longerfor adventuring and enjoy more nice  (The batteries for KBO Tornado Step Over and KBO Tornado Step Thru are universal.)