KBO Ranger Electric Cargo Bike Review | KBO Bike

KBO Ranger Electric Cargo Bike Review | KBO Bike

The KBO Ranger is powered by an 840Wh LG Battery and a 750W motor, which allows the rider to commute for a maximum range of 60 miles on a single charge. It is also equipped with smaller but wider tires for more stable rides over rough terrains. These tires are flexible in that they adapt to the demands of passengers, whether they are transporting their children to school or carrying heavy loads.

The new KBO Ranger makes transportation of both people and things easier. Thanks to the strong aluminum rear rack, it can hold weights of up to 120 pounds. This means you can use it to go on a trip with your friends or family, transport heavy equipment, or bring the children home from school. For people who live in areas where it is especially hard to get space in the parking lot, this can come in handy. You can use the KBO cargo e-bike as your daily commuter.

KBO Ranger cargo ebike


Center Stand

Similar to other Cargo eBikes, the KBO Ranger has a center stand that enables you to load (unload) things on (from) the cargo portion of the bike while keeping the bike upright. Now, you do not need to lean to one side or the other. The center stand is built with rust resistant, sturdy, and durable aluminum alloy.

Incredible CST Tires

The KBO Ranger has 20” by 3.0” CST Tires. These tires are wider than typical commuter tires, which ensures a stable and smooth ride on your commute. To prevent punctures, these tires are manufactured with high-quality materials that resist punctures caused by sharp objects.

Full Front and Rear Fenders

The KBO Ranger also comes with full front and rear fenders. Front and rear fenders are a necessity on any ebike. They are incredibly resilient and can keep you dry and clean from water and mud. Coming across puddles of water in your adventures is almost inevitable, and you do not want to get wet.

Powerful 900W Peak Brushless Geared Hub Motor

The KBO Ranger Cargo eBike has a 750W sustained brushless geared motor. With this upgrade, you will not have to worry about carrying heavy loads and climbing steep uphills. It features both throttle and pedal assist.

LED Headlights and Integrated Brake Rear Light

Trust KBO to do magic with the lights. The KBO Ranger includes both a front headlight and rear brake light. These highly powered LED lights add convenience to your commute. The 48V front LED headlight makes riding at night safer, while the rear brake light helps to notify people behind you when you intend to slow down. When you apply the brakes during a ride, the brake lights illuminate immediately, similar to a car.

Brilliant LCD Backlight Display

The LCD for the new KBO Ranger provides the rider with a range of information to help you keep track of riding conditions. This display includes a charge indicator, a speedometer, an odometer, a trip odometer, a pedal assist level, and even more features.

Travel Range

The KBO Ranger has an incredible range of up to 60 miles. The eBike is powered by a 48V 17.5Ah Lithium-ion battery with Samsung/LG Cells. This unique battery design is integrated into the frame of the eBike.

Quick and Smart Charger

The KBO Ranger eBike comes with a 48V 3A Smart Charger. It only takes 5 hours to charge the battery fully. This smart charger helps to reduce the time in between rides thus keeping up with the quick pace of riding needs.

Mechanical Disc Brakes

The front and rear 180mm disc rotors give sufficient braking force even in the roughest of conditions.

The Shimano Shifter

The new KBO Ranger eBike has a Shimano 7-speed Shifter. It is designed so the rider can change gears easily thus adapting to different terrains very easily.

Adjustable Saddle

The KBO Ranger eBike seat is a durable and comfortable saddle that decreases the impact of road bumps. You may adjust your posture by moving the saddle up and down as well as back and forth.

Ergonomic Half Twist Throttle

When you get tired of pedaling, take a break and cruise. Gently twist the throttle on your right to accelerate.


The KBO Ranger frame stands out compared to the other cargo eBike frames. The unique design of the KBO Ranger starts with the seats that are completely horizontal. It ensures that the bike will be readily accessible to a wider variety of riders. With a weight capacity of 400 pounds, the Ranger should hold up to almost any kind of cargo you want to put on it.


The KBO Ranger is also equipped such that other accessories can be attached to it. One of these accessories is the KBO Fence. It is especially important for people who transport kids. The KBO Fence is specifically designed to keep kids in place.

Another accessory is the KBO Running Board. The board provides a flat and comfortable surface for the KBO Ranger passengers. It could also serve as an extra storage space for cargo. These boards can be mounted to the KBO Ranger Cargo eBike with the aid of intelligent mounting points.

Other accessories that can be used with the KBO Ranger Electric Cargo Bike include the Bike Rack Bag, Electric Bicycles U-Lock, Bicycle Frame Bag, KBO Ranger Front Rack, KBO Ranger Extra Large Rear Rack, and many more.


When you purchase the KBO Ranger Electric Cargo Bike, you also get some free accessories. These accessories include KBO Ranger Full Fenders, a 16-in-1 Repair Toolkit, and a KBO Ranger Rear Rack - all of which is to ensure an electric riding experience. The KBO Ranger also comes in two brilliant colors: cool grey and orange. You can also read what others have to say about KBO Ranger here.