KBO Ranger Cargo Bike Review

KBO Ranger Cargo Bike Review

Would like to know more about the KBO Ranger Cargo Ebike before placing an order? Professional YouTube Ebike Reviewer Wayne Louie, the owner of YouTube Channel SpiderWayne will tell you what you already know, what you don't know or want to know!

Full Review Video

First, read the following to see what he had to say in the Full Review video of the KBO Ranger Cargo Bike.

Center extend

“The KBO Ranger comes with a center extend. It’s a little bit different. It has a good reason though if you’re packing up a cargo bike and weight is getting distributed on different sides of it. You don’t want the bike falling over when you put it on the kickstand, so a center kickstand is going to keep it held up nice and straight.”


“It has a 48V/17.5battery and the battery can take about five hours to fully charge with the quick charger. And when the battery is out on the bike you can check the charge level by pressing this little button on the top of the battery.” “KBO says that this bike has a 35-60 mile range, which is pretty good and pretty believable and that’s probably true.”


The 750W Hub Motor provides powerful power for the bike. “If you’re not going to have any trouble getting up any hills, it’s a good quick bike with a purpose. So I think anybody that is looking for a cargo bike should go grab one of there from KBO.”


Also, Wayne did a speed test on the KBO Ranger bike. Let's see how the Ranger performs with different pedal assists:

-Level 1: 10.7 mph
-Level 2: 13.6 mph
-Level 3: 15.6 mph
-Level 4: 17.5 mph
-Level 5: 20 mph

Gear Shift

“Like most e-bikes, this bike has a 7-speed gear shift from Shimano. And unlike some of the bikes that I feel are heavier, this one was easier to ride, so if you run out of juice, this bike will be no problem riding around without any power assist.”

Cargo Capacity

As a dedicated cargo Ebike, its cargo capacity is undoubtedly excellent! “You can mount a bunch of stuff on the running boards and the back rack. It would suit people that are maybe in school and have a lot of books to haul around, or if they have a delivery job working the city, so this bike could be pretty helpful to a lot of people and you can still have fun riding it just like a regular bike.’’


Written Review

Wayne also summarized its pros and cons/suggestions in the Written Review of KBO Ranger Cargo Bike on his Website:

The Good

The KBO Ranger is a great e-bike and can hold more than an average bike or e-bike.  It has a lot of power and the battery can manage 35-60 miles. Good stopping power and puncture resistant tires.

The Bad

Not much to say here so I’ll have to dig deep… Not a fan of weld marks in the paint. Would have been nice if the Ranger came with a phone companion app.

Two notes that are neither good or bad

KBO strictly adheres to the Class 2 E-bike speed of 20mph which is really all you need. But I have to admit, I like when manufactures give you the ability to switch the e-bike over to class 3 allowing you to reach 28mph which I know this bike has the motor to handle it. Second, the Ranger does not have front or rear suspension.  However, the bike still felt smooth and as primarily a street bike I don’t think you’ll need or miss it.

Delivery Bag & Delivery Rack

Matching accessories for their bikes are always a topic that users care about! We have prepared various accessories for KBO Ranger Cargo Bike to meet kinds of needs of KBO customers, such as trailer, delivery bag, delivery rack, front basket, rear fence. Check them out if you need any accessories of KBO Ranger Cargo Bike.

Wayne made another video showing how to install the delivery bag and delivery rack. “The delivery bag has a liner in it for hot and cold food. This bike would be great for a delivery service type of thing. You could take it camping take it to the park and could hold a lot of supplies with this.”


KBO Ranger is a highly functional cargo e-bike, whether it is for picking up children, grocery shopping, fishing, camping, carrying heavy loads, or outdoor adventures, it can meet your needs. Of course, we believe that Ranger has more interesting fantastic functions waiting for you to discover and explore.

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