KBO Flip Unboxing & Assembly Introductions

KBO Flip Unboxing & Assembly Introductions

Hi everyone, welcome to KBO class! Here are details about unboxing the Folding Electric Bike KBO Flip and hope this passage will help you!

Step 1:  Open the box

First, cut the shipping straps and open the shipment box. (2s-15s)

After removing the secure packing foam and bubble wrap, you will see your new KBO Flip. 

Step 2: Take out the product

Carefully lift the folded bike out of the packaging and place it on a flat surface.(16s-32s )

You will find some small boxes containing all of the necessities and tools you need for setup installation.  

Open the boxes, you can find a multifunction toolkit, pedals, and battery charger.

Open the box | KBO E-BikeTake out the product | KBO E-Bike

Step 3: Remove the protection foam

Next, free the bike for setup by cutting the shipment zip tie fasteners.  (33s-48s)

Remove all of the provided packing protection foam sheets as well.

Now everything is set out and you can begin to unfold the bike.

Step 4: Unfold the frame

Swing the front tire out and into and use the silver locking mechanism to ensure that the frame is locked in place.(49s-1min)

Remove the protection foam | KBO E-BikeUnfold the frame | KBO E-Bike

Step 5: Install the handlebar

Unfold the headtube and lock the latch. (1:02-1:08)  

Loosen the screws on the stem front cap, and put into the handlebar. (1:09-1:52)

Make sure the linear markings on the handlebars are centered and handlebars are adjusted to the comfortable position.

Finally, tighten the screws with the assembly tool.

Step 6: Install the seat post

Next insert the seat post into the slot, adjust the saddle height to a suitable height, and tighten the adjustment nut. (1:54-2:04)

Install the seat post | KBO E-Bike

Step 7: Attach the pedals

Now we will adjust the pedals.(2:06-2:58 )

Note that the pedal interface will be marked "R" and "L", "R" for right pedal and "L" for left pedal.

Thread the right pedal onto the right crank gently by hand and turn clockwise.

Install the left pedal in the same way, please be careful to turn counter clockwise.

Both pedals should be tightened to 35 Newton meters by using a torque wrench.

Attach the pedals | KBO E-BikeFolding Electric Bike | KBO Flip

It’s worth noting that please read the owner’s manual carefully or consult a certified local bicycle service provider for assistance in addition to contacting KBO Bike for help if you have any questions.