New Arrival! KBO Flip Folding Ebike Is Launched! | KBO Bike

New Arrival! KBO Flip Folding Ebike Is Launched! | KBO Bike

For years, urban commuters have relied on folding bikes. Whether your commute is by train, your home has limited storage, or your office has no cycling provision. You work ten floors up, and their ability to fold away provides a degree of convenience that other bikes cannot offer. Many of us have suffered the embarrassment of attempting to carry a bike onboard a train that already has its allocated two bicycles, only to have someone sail by us towards the luggage racks, wheeling a considerably less stressful choice.

Given the recent surge in the popularity of ebikes, it's not surprising to see the technology make its way into the folding bike industry. Those who previously had to pick between the assistance of an electric bike and the ease of a foldable electric bike may now have their cake and eat it, all while gliding through traffic with the contented glow of someone who hasn't had to fill up their car with gas.

People in today's fast-paced world are constantly looking for ways to keep up with every event, particularly when it comes to travel and convenience. It's a relief that innovations like folding electric bikes check all the right boxes!

A foldable electric bike offers energy-efficient, low-cost, and emission-free transportation that provides users with health benefits. The extra convenience of folding your bike while commuting is just fantastic! It's an all-in-one deal that you will be happy to buy!

KBO has introduced the Flip, a new foldable e-bike type. The KBO Flip is a fat tire type built for portability and all-terrain riding, with a 500W rear hub motor and a 36V 15.6Ah battery that purportedly provides up to 60 miles of range.

The KBO Flip weighs 57 pounds and rides on 20′′ x 3′′ Chaoyang tires with a 7-speed SHIMANO drivetrain. The bike is powered by a 500W rear hub motor and a 36V 15.6Ah battery with a range of up to 60 miles per charge.

KBO has an integrated rear cargo rack for transporting goods and shopping supplies and a front suspension fork and mudguards.

The MSRP of the KBO Flip is $1,069. However, it is presently available for pre-order for $869. Orders can be sent in December 2022.

KBO Flip folding electric bike

What exactly is an Electric Folding Bicycle?

Our electric folding bikes are specifically built for people of all shapes and ages to have a good time wherever they ride! These affordable ebikes are designed to fold and unfold effortlessly while still delivering a steady, smooth ride with enough adjustability for rider comfort on extended rides.


The KBO Flip is a fantastic ebike with transparent and competitive pricing. The ebike is available via the KBO's official website, and the Flip costs $1,069.00. On the other hand, the sale price is $869.00 (only available for presale). As part of the entire delivery, you will receive all the essential add-ons and accessories for a safe and fun ride. The KBO Flip comes with free accessories like a water bottle holder, a maintenance kit, and a rear rack, which can save you up to $100, depending on the model. The KBO Flip is an affordable item.

Prices for electric bicycles have risen in lockstep with their feature set. When you combine that with the other pricing pressures in the business, we've seen an unfavorable increase in e-bike pricing over the last year.

However, KBO's price of $1,069 is in the sweet spot of being reasonable enough for most people to consider while also being significant enough that they should have cut costs by utilizing a plethora of subpar parts.

Design and Use

Our folding ebike models include 500W geared hub motors, a range of up to 60 miles per charge, and a payload capacity of 330 pounds. These electric folding bikes have step-through frame options for easy mounting, riding, and stopping. 

They are intended to be readily folded and unfolded without interfering with the ebike cables or components. Even with a rear rack and a front basket connected, these compact ebikes can be folded!

Folding Ebike Safety

Our folding ebike frames, like all of our frames, create a solid, sturdy ride feel. The primary folding hinge, which has many safety redundancies, prevents accidental unlatching when properly locked. These ebikes are intended to be safely ridden across various terrains when unfolded and securely latched.

Terrain & Tires

Our folding ebike models include 20" diameter fat tires that can handle hills, different terrains, and longer rides. Models have a 3" wide smooth tire.

The three-inch wide fat tire offers a more efficient and somewhat faster ride. The smaller diameter allows the bike to reach top speed faster than bigger tires. While providing excellent stability, this somewhat thinner tire offers less rolling resistance and is quieter than a larger tire.

These tires provide a smooth and comfortable ride for first-time riders, even when rolling over little obstacles.

Transport and Storage

Our folding ebikes are designed to be smaller and easier to travel in a vehicle or store in a small place. These ebikes are meant to fold up and fit in the back of a car, SUV, camper van, or RV without special racks.

Specially Created Folding electric bike with built-in 15.6Ah Lithium-ion battery.

The 36V 15.6Ah battery in the KBO Flip allows 35 miles of pure electric ride on a single charge. The ebike's battery is situated right beneath the seat, keeping the weight centered and relatively low. It's lockable and detachable, allowing you to charge on or off the bike.

Powerful Sustained 500W Brushless Geared Hub Motor

The 500W sustained brushless geared motor provides exceptional performance, making road, beach, and trail riding a breeze. The motor provides long-lasting power to the bike, allowing it to spin up to 20mph quickly.

Sturdy Foldable Aluminum Frame

The sturdy, foldable aluminum frame has quick-release levers at critical spots to allow you to swing the frame in on itself, and folding the frame takes only three simple steps. It folds at both the handlebars and the frame, creating a package you may store in your trunk, apartment hallway, or under your desk.

Upgraded CPSC Certified Headlight

To turn on the light, press and hold the "UP" button for 3 seconds. When riding at night, an upgraded and elegant headlight can penetrate the darkness or fog and provide excellent visibility.

Integrated Brake Rear Light

The integrated rear light with brake light indication functions will activate when you press the brakes.

Shimano 7-speed Gear Derailleur

It is built for your riding experience and lets you change gears on the fly to adapt to diverse terrains.

Dual Front Suspension Fork

High-performance dual front suspension fork with a strong damping effect adapts to different rough terrain and provides a comfy ride.

Multifunctional LCD Display

The multifunctional backlit display displays information such as speed, odometer, PAS, and battery capacity, among other things.

Enhanced Comfort Saddle

The extra-wide shape makes long and demanding rides more comfortable.

20" * 3" CHAOYANG Tire

20" x 3" fat tires with a broader surface for better traction and stability make riding on all terrain easier.

Sturdy Integrated Rear Rack

The upgraded integrated rear rack design improves the load capacity and stability of the bike while also making it more sturdy.

Smart Half Twist Throttle

To accelerate, twist the throttle on your right, and the throttle makes it easy to cruise along easily.

Let's look at what the KBO Flip offers in terms of specs:


36V 15.6Ah


Up to 35 miles(Pure electric)

Up to 60 miles (Pedal assist)

Hub Motor


Total Payload Capacity

330 lbs

Recommended Rider Heights



42V 2A


36V 15A



Pedal Assist



57 lbs

Product Dimensions


Folded Dimensions



20" x 3" CHAOYANG Tire


7 speed

Rear Light

Integrated brake tail light


160mm brakes


KMC chain


Sensitive cadence sensor and speed sensor


165MM forged alloy


Front fork




Alloy pedal with reflectors

Bike Frame

6061 Aluminum frame

Front Light

36-48V LED light


Sturdy and comfy saddle

Seat Post



13G stainless spokes

Stem Diameter


Handlebar Diameter

Sides: 22.2mm / Middle: 25.4mm

The KBO Flip is a fantastic ebike that is also fun to ride. It's an excellent pick for anybody searching for a durable ebike that's also fast and versatile. The bike is a stunning blend of power, mileage, and looks. It will, without a doubt, surpass all other ebikes in its price range. Because of its smooth ride, effortless turning, and long-lasting build quality, the Flip offers a distinct edge.

KBO Bike aims to provide more options for those who bike for commuting and recreation by pushing the frontiers of innovation and imagination. We want you to experience the freedom and sheer delight that a KBO bike has to offer.