KBO Flip Foldable Ebike Review

KBO Flip Foldable Ebike Review

Are you struggling with which brand to choose when choosing a foldable e-bike? Not sure how to tell if that bike is what you're looking for? If you are hesitant to buy the KBO Flip Foldable Ebike, just read this article and find out what YouTuber(Jesse Rizo) says about this bike, then you will find the answer.


An Affordable Ebike

“This one is KBO's most affordable bike. It's one sits under a thousand dollars.” If you are still troubled by insufficient budget, Flip can completely save you from this trouble. KBO has always hoped to allow customers to spend the least money to buy the best products. As a folding e-bike, Flip has a price advantage more than other models.


Specs Introduction

Specs are always one of the deciding factors when people buy an e-bike, which means how far it has battery life, how much power it has, what terrain it will ride on, and whether it is suitable for a heavyweight rider. You need to see if its specifications are suitable for you according to your needs and budget. Jesse gave a detailed description of the KBO Flip Foldable Ebike.

“It is a 15.6 Ah battery for those of you guys that are curious that's what it has as far as the hub motor. it's not crazy fast but it'll get you from point A to point B as far as the shifter because this does have a shifter it is a seven-speed, so just like a normal mountain bike it's going to have the shifter to kind of go up in speed. I'm going to see if it'll take me more than 60 miles. This is a smaller bike so if you're pretty short like me this will probably work for you. This does have 20" x 3" tires, so it's a little bit on the smaller end...maybe for kids. As far as the capacity on this thing is 275 pounds.”

Removable Battery for More Convenient Recharge

Its removable battery also brings great convenience for you to charge it. “Another cool feature of this bike is when you do want to go ahead and charge it, all you do is release the seat. super easy. then what you do here is it does come with a set of two keys. you insert it push to unlock and this whole battery releases. and on the other end here you're going to have your charging port where you can charge it at your house. ”


Small and Lightweight

“The reason it's called KBO FLIP is that it does flip into a smaller piece, so there's like latched here and it'll help it kind of compress, so if you guys do have a car and not a truck, you can fit this in your trunk. it does go pretty small.” 

If you want to know exactly how "small" it is, just refer to its product size information: Product Dimensions: 65.0''x23.2''x47.2''. Folded Dimensions: 36.6''x14.6''x27 .6''. Its folded size makes it easy to put in the trunk of your car so you can take it with you wherever you go. What's more, KBO Flip bike weighs 57 lbs, so even if you carry it by hand, you can Easily bring it to your office or room. It is also not a problem at all to deal with the road with steps.


Excellent Camping Gear

“If you guys do go camping, especially and you guys are ever bored just kind of do nothing at the campsite or say you've had enough of your truck and you want to kind of just walk the trail or take a bike through the trail...when I'm out camping or anything like that I do get bored at the campsite so I figured I know you can bring games and stuff like that, but I figured why not bring a bike kind of hit some trails.”


Road or off-road Riding

“It's an on-road bike but you can mildly go off-road.” The KBO FLIP features 20" x 3" tires that provide better stability and balance to safely navigate uneven roads and rough terrain. At the same time, its front fork suspension can provide a good shock absorption effect, making riding more comfortable. Such a configuration makes it suitable for a variety of riding environments, including beaches, gravel roads, muddy roads, etc., making cycling more diverse, rather than only riding on urban roads, which can make your outdoor life fun.

37-Mile Ride Evaluation

“I got 37 miles on this bike all electric. I did slightly pedaling, just to kind of test it out for you guys in the video basically all the mileage that I did it was straight just electric, so to me that seems like KBO is pretty honest with their website what they're saying. If you do want to get a higher distance, you will have to be using a kind of a half-and-half method of pedaling, letting the motor control it pedaling. When you guys are pedaling, I can guarantee you guys it's going to be the easiest bike you have ever rode. You don't even feel it. It's kind of like a weird motion for anybody that's ever ridden an e-bike. You guys will know that feeling that I'm talking about while you're pedaling. You can kind of feel the motor just kind of pushing you or gliding you. I should say now when you ride a regular mountain bike, you get tired really fast especially if you're out of shape and fat like me because it's tiring. I'm not gonna lie, I got out of this, so that's why this bike is for me.”

“The tires are still looking pretty beefy. These are pretty big road tires, so I know I did take them on the gravel road and kind of like dirt roads and stuff like that. Well, I don't see any chipping or anything like that off the treads, so I'd say that's pretty good. ”


Who Needs/Fits the KBO Flip Folding Bike

“This bike is probably good for starters, good for someone that just wants something for our around town. It's good to carry your groceries. you can buy a basket back here and throw your groceries back there or even your dogs, anything like that. I know that most people that are looking for a bike that's kind of what they wander about, so for this one specifically like I said, this is their entry model flip, which is just under a thousand dollars. ”

“The KBO Flip this one is a max rate of 275 pounds, so unfortunately if you are a little bit over that, you are going to have a look at their other options. As far as the recommendations in height, I am about five-five~five six, right in the middle about that, but this bike specifically is for someone about five feet one inch a max about six feet to two inches. Anything over that you might not be comfortable with anything under that you might not reach. ”

Therefore, whether you are an office worker/traveler/student, you can try this convenient folding bike. It is worth mentioning that the design of KBO FLIP bike allows you to sit upright to ride, which is very reasonable for the elderly who are inconvenient to bend over for a long time to ride.



All in all, It is also a starter-friendly/entry-level e-bike, that's no problem if you have no e-bike riding experience. If you're on a tight budget (around $1000) and looking for a compact and portable e-bike that you can wander your community around, commute to your office, take your pets out, or take your car/truck/RV to another location to explore more scenery(on-road or light off-road terrain), the KBO Flip Foldable Ebike is undoubtedly what you need. You can even store 2 KBO Flips in the trunk of your car, and enjoy riding with your family and friends. Double bikes, double happiness.

If you are interested in this e-bike, you can click here to get more information on the product page.