KBO Compact Folding E-bike Review(RunPlayBack)

KBO Compact Folding E-bike Review(RunPlayBack)

The KBO Compact Ebike is a Foldable Fat Tire Bike designed to offer a balanced mix of performance and convenience. Here let's explore more about this bike based on the review from the YouTube channel RunPlayBack.

Technical Specs

- With a 750-watt brushless geared motor and a 48V 15.6Ah removable battery, the KBO Compact promises a versatile and enjoyable ride.

- With a right-hand thumb throttle and 3 levels of pedal assist, riders can choose the level of assistance that suits their preferences and the terrain they're riding on.

- KBO Compact is ideal for zipping through city streets and suburban areas however riders should keep in mind that the actual range of 55 miles may vary depending on factors such as rider weight, terrain, and the chosen pedal assist level.

- The Shimano 7-speed transmission system ensures smooth gear changes enhancing the overall riding experience and 180 millimeter mechanical disc brakes offer reliable stopping power providing an extra layer of safety during urban travels.

- For added convenience, the KBO Compact comes with integrated front and rear fenders protecting riders from splashes on wet surfaces. The integrated rear rack is a practical addition allowing riders to carry some belongings during their explorations.

- The inclusion of a front suspension fork is a nice touch contributing to a smoother ride by absorbing shocks and bumps on uneven surfaces.

- The adjustable handlebar allows riders to find their most comfortable riding position ensuring a personalized fit.

- With its 20 by 4-inch all-terrain fat tires, the KBO Compact offers stability and grip on various surfaces making it suitable for exploring city streets, parks, and light off-road trails.

- The integrated headlight and battery-powered tail light ensure visibility and safety during low-light conditions.

- The left-mount LCD display provides clear information about speed, distance, battery level, and more.

- Despite the bike's impressive features, there are a few aspects worth considering for riders under 5'5''. The bike may feel too tall while seated, but the Step through design makes it manageable additionally.

First Ride&Impression

As a foldable ebike, you can lift it up by yourself for short-distance transportation. “The total weight of the bike is 68.3 pounds, so it's not too heavy, but if you're lifting this in an apartment walk-up or somewhere else, it can get pretty heavy. The battery is a 48-volt 15.6 amp hour battery, not too heavy, so if you wanted to carry a spare battery, you probably could. You may still need some assistance to get into a truck or vehicle again at 68.3 pounds.so it's not super light. You'll probably take the battery out to make it a little bit lighter.”

The recommended rider heights of KBO Compact is 5'2"-6'3". “I am a short rider. The seat is really high. It's at its lowest setting, but it is a step-through, so if you have to stop, you could pop off the seat and just plant your feet.”

The top speed of an Ebike has always been a concern for customers. RunPlayBack also tested the top speed here. Under the pedal assist 3 which is the highest level with a full battery, the top speed is 20 miles per hour. This can definitely satisfy some people's pursuit of speed.

As for the riding experience, the reviewer commented like this:“Riding is really smooth, and more comfortable than I thought it would be. I think the design is really nice, like I said, I thought this would be too high for me, but it was really comfortable and easy to just pop off the bike because of the step through. So the first impression of the KBO Compact Electric Bike is not bad.”

Final Thoughts

"In conclusion, KBO Compact offers an array of useful features including a decent motor, large loading capacity, and a quick-release foldable design. With a decent top speed, riders can easily navigate through city traffic and discover new places. The combination of a Shimano 7-speed transmission system, mechanical disc brakes, and a front suspension fork contributes to a smooth and enjoyable ride. The bike is for those seeking a reliable and powerful electric bike for urban adventures and short off-road explorations. KBO Compact is definitely worth considering."

If you are looking for such an Ebike, please check it out here: https://kbobike.com/products/folding-electric-bike-kbo-compact