KBO Compact E-bike Review

KBO Compact E-bike Review

“The KBO Compact is a brand new e-bike from KBO and their second foldable e-bike to date.  The first folding e-bike from KBO is called Flip and the main difference is the Flip has a traditional frame where as the Compact has a step-thru frame. Due to the Compacts long wheel base the step-thru part of the bike is really wide which makes it really easy to access. When folded it can easily be stored in places like the corner of a room, in a closet, under a table, etc. No need for an expensive bike rack, simply fold it up and stick it in the truck of your car and take it with you.” 

Here we will take you to learn more about the Versatile Foldable Electric Bike KBO Compact based on the review results of the experienced ebike reviewer SpiderWayne.

Budget Friendly

“At only $1199 ($1199 is current price. Original price is $1399), the KBO Compact won’t break the bank. It’s a budget level e-bike and a good e-bike if you’re new to the electric powered bike world.”


Spec Notes

“Battery is a removable 48v, 15.6Ah Lithium-ion battery(Range up to 55 miles)

Has a 750w hub motor

Tires are 20” x 4” puncture resistant. These fat tires can handle a variety of complex terrain, allowing you to explore more trails in the mountains/woods.

Shimano 7-speed shifter and derailleur

Bikes weighs 68.3lbs

Can handle a payload of 350 lbs

Recommended heights for this ebike is 5’2” to 6’3”

Handlebar is extremely adjustable from height to positioning.

Decent but common LCD display controller

Front and rear 180mm Mechanical disc brakes

Lockable front suspension

Saddle is comfortable with a suspension post and it will flip up to make it easier to remove the battery for charging

The compact comes with a thumb throttle

Front and rear light...the rear light has a separate off/on switch

Included with the e-bike are front and rear fenders, rear rack and a tool kit

And the bike comes in two colors, red and cool gray”

“The KBO Compact is a cadence sensor e-bike. This simply means that when using pedal assist that you don’t have to pedal hard to get the e-bike up to full speed.  Cadence sensor e-bikes are a very attractive option for people that don’t like to do a lot of pedaling to get up to speed or even pedal for long periods of time.”

The Folded Dimensions of the KBO Compact: 37"x16.5"x31.8"

KBO Compact Detail Display:

The Good

“It has a budget price! It’s foldable. The stem and handlebar are both extremely adjustable. Comes equipped with 20″ x 4″ puncture resistant tires making it great for most terrains. Includes front and rear fenders plus a rear rack. It also comes with a suspension post for the saddle which is a pleasant and generous surprise.”


The Bad

“The KBO Compact is a little slow off the line but could be what some people are looking for. Due to some plastic parts there is some rattling but enough to bother you unless you’re really picky with rattling. Display is very common looking but functional.  The rear light is not integrated so you’ll have to remember to turn it off and on manually.”


Who is this e-bike for

As a fat tire versatile folding Step-thru ebike, KBO Compact is suitable for a wide range of people, including but not limited to the following aspects:


  1. Urban dwellers: Urban residents usually face problems such as traffic congestion and limited parking spaces, and the folding eBike provides a convenient, fast, and environmentally friendly travel option. It navigates crowded streets and avoids traffic jams with ease, and folds up for easy portability and storage when needed. (Folded Dimensions: 37"x16.5"x31.8")


  1. Office workers and students: As a folding eBike, the KBO Compact can quickly reach the destination within a short distance, avoiding traffic jams and the trouble of finding a parking space. The foldable design allows the eBike to be folded up for easy carrying into the office or school and unfolded again for use when needed.


  1. Travelers and campers: The KBO Compact Folding eBike can provide convenient transportation during travel, allowing travelers to explore destinations more conveniently. The foldable design allows the eBike to be easily put into a luggage compartment or a roof rack, making it easy to carry to various travel locations. In addition, the folding eBike can also provide the convenience of short trips when camping.


  1. Outdoorsmen: KBO Compact is equipped with 20” x 4” size tires to adapt to a variety of complex terrain. You can not only ride it on city roads but also ride it to the mountains and the woods for adventure. Of course, you can also ride it to the beach to go fishing. The beach is also a piece of cake for it. It can be said to be a means of transportation that can help you reduce travel troubles in any place/scene.


In short, if you have one of the above travel needs and are looking for such an Ebike, KBO Compact is undoubtedly a perfect choice. Click here to check out this excellent Versatile Foldable Electric Bike.