KBO Breeze VS. KBO Oasis | Comparison Guide

KBO Breeze VS. KBO Oasis | Comparison Guide

Electric bikes have revolutionized the way we commute, explore, and enjoy the outdoors. With their eco-friendly nature and assisted pedaling, they offer a thrilling and efficient alternative to traditional bicycles.
In this blog, we'll delve into a comparison between KBO two popular electric bikes: the Oasis and the Breeze. Both models boast distinguished design, impressive features and performance, but understanding their unique qualities will help you make an informed decision and find the perfect electric companion for your adventures.
Here's the table of main differences between Breeze and Oasis.


Breeze ST


Oasis ST

Recommended Rider Heights 5'4''-6'4'' 5'2''-6'3'' 5'4"-6'4" 5'1"-6'3"
Design Comfortable and leisurely Comfortable and leisurely Vintage-inspired and nostalgic Vintage-inspired and nostalgic
Handlebar Swallow Swallow Swept-back Swept-back
Suspension Front suspension Front suspension Rigid Rigid
Color  Black/Orange White/Orange Black White/Seafoam green
Saddle Sturdy and supportive saddle Sturdy and supportive saddle Pressure relief extra-wide saddle Pressure relief extra-wide saddle


Let's check out their differences in detail.

  1. - Rider's Height: Oasis is more friendly to riders with shorter heights while Breeze is designed to accommodate riders of higher heights. So it's highly recommended that a rider evaluates well his height and the ebike's height before choosing a KBO model.
  2. - Design: The Oasis Ebike stands out with its classic design, featuring swept-back handlebars and retro, low-slung styling, Oasis e-bike is the epitome of cool, effortlessly combining classic American culture and functionality. On the other hand, the Breeze Ebike sports a more modern design, with a lightweight aluminum frame that offers stability and durability.
  3. - Handlebar: Oasis Ebike is equipped with swept-back handlebars, also known as cruiser handlebars, allowing riders to maintain a more ergonomic position with less strain on the back, neck, and shoulders. This design is well-suited for leisurely rides, casual commutes, and cruising around town.  In contrast, the Breeze Ebike features swallow handlebars, which are commonly found on mountain bikes and hybrid bikes. With a swallow handle bar, riders can adopt a slightly leaned-forward posture, enhancing aerodynamics and control. The curve of handlebars offer a wider grip, allowing for improved stability and precise maneuvering, especially during more aggressive riding or off-road adventures. 

  1. - Suspension: The Oasis Ebike offers a rigid and optimally efficient riding experience. With its rigid frame, this bike is particularly well-suited for riders who predominantly traverse smooth roads or soft surfaces like beaches. While it may not provide the same level of comfort and shock absorption on rough or uneven terrains, its rigid construction ensures exceptional efficiency in power transfer. On the other hand, the Breeze Ebike showcases a front suspension system designed to absorb impacts and vibrations emanating from the front wheel. This feature enables the Breeze to effortlessly navigate uneven surfaces and diverse terrains, including gravel paths, trails, and bumpy roads.
  2. - Color: Both the Oasis and Breeze models are available in white and black color options. However, the Oasis model stands out with its unique and visually captivating seafoam green variant. Opting for the Oasis in Seafoam Green allows riders to make a bold statement and customize their riding experience. It's a true eye-catcher that is sure to attract attention.

  1. - Saddle: The Oasis Ebike is equipped with a extra-wide saddle, which provides more support and comfort for riders. While the Breeze Ebike features a well-built supportive saddle. 


Regarding to the technical specifications, there are some nuances between Breeze and Oasis. Both two models share some similarities in Range, Hub Motor, Weight, Payload Capacity, Bike Frame, Rear Light, Pedal, Derailleur, Front Light, Chain, etc. But they are different in Charger, Motor Torque, Rider Height, Tires' Dimension, etc.

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In summary, Breeze and Oasis have differences mainly in recommended riders heights, design, handlebars, suspension, color, and saddle. Whether you're tall or short, whether you ride on smooth or uneven surfaces, various terrains, whether you prefer a leisurely cruise or an exhilarating outdoors adventure, whether you like classic retro design or a modern style, you can always find the perfect fit on either the Oasis or Breeze Ebike.