KBO Breeze ST E-bike Review(RunPlayBack)

KBO Breeze ST E-bike Review(RunPlayBack)


What's the KBO Breeze ST Ebike? What specifications does it have? How far can it travel on a single charge? Can it handle different terrains? How does it feel to ride? Is it the bike I'm looking for? If you have the above concerns, let's take a look at this electric bike with reference to the review by Rick from YouTube channel RunPlayBack.


Tech Specs

- The KBO Breeze ST Ebike has a 500-watt rated and 750-watt peak brushless hub motor that provides ample power for urban exploration, enabling Riders to reach top speeds of over 20 miles per hour.

- The Shimano 7-speed transmission system facilitates seamless gear changes, allowing riders to adapt to various terrain.

- The 48-volt 16-amp hour removable battery equipped with Samsung/LG cells offers a range of up to 55 miles, depending on rider weight terrain and pedal assist level.

-The right hand has a twist throttle and pedal assist giving riders the ability to choose between manual and throttle power based on the ride preferences.

- It also features an integrated headlight and taillight ensuring enhanced visibility during low-light conditions.

- 180 millimeter mechanical disc brakes offer reliable stopping power although hydraulic brakes would have been more ideal.

- The front suspension fork is fine and absorbs minor bumps in the road.

- Additionally, the puncture-resistant 27.5-inch tires further enhanced rider comfort, providing stability on various surfaces. The presence of an integrated rear rack is a nice addition for carrying belongings.

- The integrated front and rear fenders prevent splashes and dirt from affecting the rider.

- The mounted LCD display provides essential information, such as speed battery level and pedal assist mode allowing riders to stay informed while on the go weighing in.

- At 62 pounds, the KBO Breeze ST is within a reasonable weight range for an electric bike of its class. If you're carrying this up a flight of stairs it might be a little bit difficult without two people, so you'd better remove the battery.

- It also has an eye-catching design featuring: a 6061 orange aluminum frame that adds a dash of color to urban environments. And sits as a step through, the KBO Breeze ST is accessible for riders of various heights.

First Ride

"It's nice and comfortable on the seat. I don't feel like I'm too high, so lots of torque as soon as you start pedaling controller is really smooth and feels much more powerful than 48 volts. Really easy to maneuver through tight Corners. Test the braking power: not bad for mechanical brakes. "

"So first impressions with the KBO Breeze ST feels like a solid City commuter electric bike. It's only 48 volts, but the tune on the controller makes it feel much more powerful. You have instant torque on the pedal assist and the throttle tune is really smooth in terms of handling and really easy to maneuver. I'm on the shorter end, so the step-through was really comfortable. This street is pretty smooth, but going over some rocks and some debris on the road, the suspension felt fine. I think the best feature of this bike is the extended rear rack. The way it's mounted and the geometry of the bike would probably make it really easy to carry groceries or any other items."


Final Thoughts

"Overall, the KBO Breeze ST is a solid option for urban commuters who want an efficient eco-friendly mode of transportation. It's sleek step-through design integrated rear rack and large 27.5 inch wheels catered to the demands of City commuting. The KBO Breeze ST offers a balanced blend of features, making it worth considering for urban commuters seeking a reliable and stylish ride if you want to dive into more EV."


Thanks for reading this. The above is Rick’s evaluation of the KBO Breeze ST Ebike. This KBO Breeze model is available in Step thru and Step over versions, and is available in a variety of colors. The recommended rider height for KBO Breeze Step thru is 5'2" ~ 6'3", while the recommended rider height for KBO Breeze Step over is 5'4" ~ 6'4".

If you are interested in getting one or learning more about it, just click on the link: https://kbobike.com/products/step-thru-electric-commmuting-bike