Spring Outdoors Sale Is Live Now | KBO Bike

Spring Outdoors Sale Is Live Now | KBO Bike

Spring is near! Get your e-bike now and ready for warmer weather!

kbo bike is sold out in spring

What can you get from a KBO electric bike?

Make your commute easier and simpler

Still rush to your work place with a sweat? Try to run like mad to catch the bus? Or lack of energy before starting your work? Just because of your exhausting commuting? Now no need to dread your commute! A budget-friendly electric bike can offer you a perfect and easy commute. No sweat, no need to catch the bus with lots of people, and no need to stuck in the stuffy box.

Every day's commute time will be the best time you can enjoy and feel relax. Choose an electric bike will make your commuting route more funny, and it will make you save more time to do more things. If you want to get an easier and simpler commute every day, now it is your time to change your unchangeable busy daily life. 

Relax your body and mood from a busy day

Take advantages to the coming cycling season and the warmer weather! Wake up your muscle and relax your body, especially after finishing a busy work day. The most funny thing is that you can explore many different routes when you get from your work for the pursuit of fresh sense and different beautiful views near your home but you never notice. A work day is really hard, so the bike has the possibility to take you unwind from the busy tasks.

When you feel tired, just ride on your bike! It will take all the troubles far away from your mind and strengthen your body. So why not ride an electric bike to provide your life more possibilities?

Be more friendly to your budget

The first thing which comes to mind when thinking about purchasing an electric bike is that it is more friendly to your budget over the year.

It really can save a lot for you in your daily life, try to calculate simply:

A KBO Breeze battery has a 768Wh capacity, and we need to divide it by 1000 to get kWh(the unit in which we pay for electricity). And if we multiply the national average rate per kWh(13.19 cents), we will get the electricity fee that an e-bike cost while charging once. How Much can electric bike save? Just as follows:

768Wh ÷ 1000 = 0.768kWh

0.768 x $0.1319 = $0.1012

Charge once only charge your $0.1012! Think about your vehicles costs! An electric bike is so sweet for your budget! KBO Electric Bikes are the best e-bike for the money, and we are proud to announce that. 

Provide more daily convenience as a mean of transportation

It does not stop at being friendly to your budget, and it also can provide more convenience in your daily life as a mean of transport. As an alternative for the vehicle, the electric bike is more convenient to get around. An electric bike can go anywhere that a conventional bike is allowed to go. At the same time, you will save money on parking fees and other charges that a car needs. When you want to get a quick purchase, or you just want to buy a coke, but the distance is a bit far, will you pick your car to go there? At this moment, an e-bike is your best choice!

Do your part to save our planet

One of the attractive highlights of electric bike is zero greenhouse gas emissions, which allows every member of society to do their part to save our planet and make our world better. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, riding an electric bike is a great and valid way.


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