How to Lift the Speed Limit of Your KBO Ebike | KBO Bike

How to Lift the Speed Limit of Your KBO Ebike | KBO Bike

More often than not, an electric bike's top speed is not a reflection of the motor's peak performance. The reason for this is not farfetched; manufactures typically install speed limiters in their bikes to avoid breaking the law as it pertains to E-bikes. Therefore, if the motor of an E-bike can power it up to 40 miles per hour, the speed limiter will prevent this from happening by limiting the flow of current to the motor as soon as a set speed has been reached.

KBO Breeze Step-thru electric bike

This process might sound unfair and ridiculous to you, especially if you are a speedster who believes in letting all loose while driving; nevertheless, these limitations to the speed of E-bikes have their evident benefits like preventing accidents and loss of lives, among other things. However, it is important to note that there are ways to remove these speed limiters. I can imagine that someone is excited to see this. This article sheds light on how to take away the speed limits of your electric bike, particularly the KBO E-bike.

It is important to state at this juncture that shedding light on how to remove speed limits from your electric bike is not a way of licensing reckless driving at the expense of the safety of life and property. Safety will always be a priority. There may be legitimate reasons to remove the speed limit of an electric bike, which is why articles like this are written. Note that some of the procedures involved in removing speed limits might render your bicycle void of warranty; bear that in mind as you choose to remove the speed limits of your E-bike. Also, the techniques provided in this article do not necessarily have to apply solely to the KBO E-bike; they may apply to other E-bikes as the case may be.

Without further ado, let's delve into the world of removing speed limitations!

Hacking an electric bike to make it faster is possible; some E-bikes are just more easily hacked than others. For some E-bikes like the KBO E-bike, the process is pretty straightforward; some other bikes have a great feature with which they can easily update their speed limits by just switching to a ''race-track" mode. However, this is not the case for every E-bike as this process can be complicated for some. When things go out of hand, the E-bike's controller can be affected. Hence, it is important to be sure that your E-bike is one that easily tolerates hacking to modify its speed limit.

Ways to bypass your E-bikes speed limiter

Making use of the LCD: This is the most effective way of bypassing your E-bike's speed limiter. The following steps show how to achieve this.

KBO electric bike LCD Backlight Display

  • Press the "M" button to start the display, then you press the "+" and "-"at the same time to go to the setting.
  • Press and hold the "+" and the "M" buttons concurrently for 10 seconds, ready to enter the password.
  • Enter the pass "0510" Note that you are expected to press the "M."
  • You can then unlock the speed to your taste.
  • Press "+" and "-"simultaneously to exit the setting.
  • If you need to keep setting, press both buttons together again; you do not need to input the password this time

As stated earlier, the KBO E-bike is one of the straightforward E-bikes when it comes to modifying your bike's speed limit.

There are other ways through which you can bypass the speed limit of your E-bike, and these methods are not exclusive to the KBO E-bike. These methods include but are not limited to

  • Tweaking the size of your E-bike's wheel: You do not have to completely take out your commuter bike's wheels to make this work; the idea is to make your bike's control system think that you did. What does this mean? The majority of electric bikes use wheel revolutions to figure out how far the bike is traveling. A mini-computer connected to the e-bike uses the wheel circumference of the bike and the number of revolutions per minute to determine how fast the bike goes. Typically, smaller diameters tend to go faster than bigger diameters; hence. The manufacturer's set wheel size is revised. This will make the speedometer believe that even though the wheel is rotating faster, the linear distance covered is not as much as it covers with smaller tires. With this, you can get up to 3-5 mph beyond the usual limit.
  • Making use of a speed box: If you have never come across a speed box, it is a tuning chip that gets rid of the speed limiter of E-bikes to ensure that the motor does not go off after reaching the set speed limit. Speed boxes are compatible with a bunch of specialized bikes and are specially designed for electric bikes without the conventional control unit.
  • You can also make your bike sensors believe you are going slower


Modifying the speed limits of your bike is not as farfetched as one would imagine, but ensure you are doing so for legitimate reasons and with caution. Always remember that not every electric bike can be hacked to modify its speed limit; so, you must be sure that your E-bike can be worked on so you do not cause damage to it. Do not forget that the warranty of your electric bike can be affected when the speed limit is tampered with; it is assumed that you are aware of the consequences attached to modifying the speed limit of your bike.

In conclusion, you need to know and be sure why you are removing the limits of your electric bike and be sure it is necessary for the terrains you usually take. For instance, if you take routes within the city, you might not need to remove the speed limits of your E-bike because the environment in which you are is a check to how fast you can go with your E-bike. So, know your bike and know the area in which you are before you choose to remove the speed limits of your bike.