How to Customize Your Ranger?

How to Customize Your Ranger?


Electric cargo bikes have a history of being an ideal option to take children to school in the early mornings. They are similar to regular ones, only sturdier and with more load-bearing ability. Using a cargo e-bike can be a great way to enjoy morning and evening rides with your pet and other passengers. With the right accessories, you can increase the level of functionality and safety your electric bike provides.

Other people’s set ups have inspired mine, maybe mine will help some other people... -Josh Wiltsie
Better than I imagined I'm really impressed. As an avid cyclist owning 8 bikes, I never thought I would buy an Ebike. Due to heavy traffic in Austin, I decided to get one for local movement and going to the market. I set mine up with two 12 gallon containers to go to the grocery store 1 mile away. It's worked out beautifully! My first trip back from the market with full containers, I had no idea they were on my bike! The Ranger is well built, a great design, easy assembly and a treat to ride! I'm very impressed and recommend this bike!  -Scott Samson
Bike for life
My family love this Machine
So smooth
So beautifully
So Pretty to drive
-Alain ludovic Paho
It’s mulch time again! Took 4 loads even with the new higher capacity trailer, but the garden is ready for spring! -Asa Orrin-Brown

The KBO Ranger is a high-quality electric cargo bike with some of the best features for its class. Equipped with a high-capacity battery and motor power, commuting with loads is smoother and more convenient. Its 400 lbs payload capacity is enough to haul any load you have, from groceries to camping gear. You enjoy more when you know the accessories that can help you use the KBO Ranger to its full potential.

How to Customize Your KBO Ranger

Customizing an electric bike is a great way to make it your own. Using different accessories can enhance your riding experience in the following ways:

For Traveling and Camping

The KBO Ranger uses 20" x 3" tires that provide more stability. They help you enjoy more balanced commuting across smooth and rugged terrains. It has a 400 lbs payload capacity, which ensures it is also sturdy enough to support your weight and that of your passenger or load. The extra large rear rack can be added to increase storage space for your gear on camping trips.

Usually, riding with a front basket means you cannot carry a lot of things. This is because most of them are designed to be small and practical for little stuff. A large front basket allows you to carry more things if need be. Available on our online store, this basket can support up to 50 lbs of weight. With this, you can carry all the school supplies and other things your kid needs for the day.

For Picking Up Kids

A cargo e-bike is perfect for carrying kids to and from school. You get to spend time together and enjoy conversation as you ride through city traffic. The KBO Ranger has a 400 lb payload capacity, which means you always add the accessories for carrying passengers. When it comes to the young ones, we provide secure options that can cater to a child's fun and liveliness.

An accessory like the Fence can enhance the suitability of the KBO Ranger, making it a practical option for parents and kids.

The KBO Ranger Fence is a great accessory for parents with little children. This will ensure that even the most playful kids will be able to enjoy safety and security while riding with you. Using a simple design, it provides security while your child sits behind you. If you want, it is large enough to support more than one child.

For Transporting Food or Cargo

The KBO Ranger is built sturdy and designed to deliver a perfect commuting experience, especially when riding with loads. It has a higher payload capacity than most e-bikes in its class and price range. You can add more accessories to make carrying food or cargo more convenient with your KBO Ranger. Browse the internet for other accessories you can add to enjoy better storage and comfort on general long-distance trips.

For moving larger food items, you can check out the Ranger Delivery Bag. A specially designed bag with more storage space than the front basket, it is also compatible with the KBO Ranger. It is easy to attach and detach, and comes with reflective strips to increase your visibility among other motorists. Your groceries, hot food, cold drinks, snacks, and other equipment are safer inside this durable nylon with a thermally reflective liner. For more storage options, visit our online store today and make a selection.

Look no further than The Trailer. With its durable polymer deck and rugged steel frame, this trailer is perfect for impromptu barbecues with friends, or weekend camping trips. Its open-air design ensures that you'll always have access to your gear, and with a 132.2 lbs payload capacity, you can bring along everything you need for your adventure. And when you're not using it, the trailer is foldable. In addition, it can be mounted easily on the left side wheel axle with a fast release.


To Enhance Safety and Security

Your security and safety are a vital part of every ride and require the utmost attention. Unlike a car or other vehicles, your body provides most of the protection when you're on an e-bike. Apart from your head, every other part of your body is exposed to danger if you don't try to stay safe.

The helmet is the most important protection for your head. Whether riding to the store, school or embarking on a long trip, you should always have it on. You can get a regular helmet or a modern version complete with Bluetooth and a beautiful design from our online store. We also have cute helmets for children.



Many riders prefer to see what's going on behind them from time to time without having to turn their neck. A rearview mirror is a perfect way to do this. You can get an enhanced version when you shop with us. We have HD wide-angle rearview mirrors that help you see more of your surroundings.

  • Chain Locks

You can never have too many locks on your e-bike. This is because having several is one of the best ways to deter criminals from poaching your Ranger. It is proven that thieves are less likely to bother with a bike that looks troublesome. Ensure you stay safe!

  • Wireless Bike Alarm

The Wireless Bike Alarm is an effective tool for protecting your bike.Its 7 levels of sensitivity can be easily adjusted according to your needs, and it also features an SOS emergency alarm. With up to 113lb loudness and three levels of volume adjustment, the alarm can effectively scare off potential thieves and attract attention. The wireless remote control can operate from up to 20 meters away, and the device is easy to install with double-sided stickers and straps, without any wiring or screws needed. The compact design makes it easy to hide and install.




In Conclusion

The KBO Ranger is an electric cargo bike built sturdily and designed with some of the best features for traveling with loads and passengers. It gets interesting when you know the right accessories to help you get the most out of using it.

This article features ways the KBO Ranger is ideal for shopping, camping, traveling, and general commuting. We also explore the different accessories you can attach for a better experience riding alone or with others. Ensure to use the proper components for your e-bike to avoid wasting money and time.