Five Reasons to Buy the KBO E-Bikes | KBO Bike

Five Reasons to Buy the KBO E-Bikes | KBO Bike

Are you considering jumping on the E-bike trend or seeking out an easier means of commuting, not getting stuck in traffic and missing that date night, or running late for work? Then KBO E-bike is for you.

The KBO Brand is a trusted name when it comes to e-bikes. The brand aims to provide high-quality bikes that provide commuters with an alternative means of transportation and reduce emissions that affect the environment. The company is based in Placentia, CT, Chino, California, and was founded by Max in the year 2018. Max wanted to produce bikes that were affordable, efficient, and of the highest quality so that people could easily move around safely and in the shortest time possible.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • 5 reasons for buying the KBO BIKES
  • Safety tips for riding

In this article, we discuss why the KBO E-bike is a better option for you out of the range of bikes in the market today. Although reasons may vary across buyers, we have curated the more important reasons below;

1. Quality:

In terms of quality, the KBO electric bikes have all of their parts coupled in Asia by leading companies. Gadgets and battery life or power are inseparable reasons why the brand has one of the best battery cell makers build its battery cells; Samsung. The battery capacity guarantees the rider about 55 miles of travel on just a single charge. The bikes also come with an extra battery so that you can ride for longer hours before recharging. The sturdy, durable tires are made by Panasonic providing good traction while riding. KBO bikes also have a 48 LED light which makes commuting at night easy and safe. With its rear rack, valuables, carry-ons do not have to be left behind.

The brand gives good quality for buyers' money. You can rest assured that you have only the best with KBO E-bikes. Durability, longevity are key features of these E-Bikes.

Another remarkable feature of KBO bikes is the array of options from which customers can choose. There are bikes tailored to meet the specific needs of the rider; Breeze, Breeze ST, Ranger, and the Hurricane. Each of these bikes is designed to work effectively in different situations and for different customers. So, you can select any bike that fits your lifestyle.

When it comes to leisure and commuting, the Breeze is smart and possesses a 750W peak rear hub motor, runs at 22-ish mph without pedaling and on 25+mph when pedaling on a Range of 30-55 miles (56-88 km), but this is dependent on the rider's control of the throttle. Its battery power is rated at 48V 16Ah (768 Wh) with LG cells Maximum load of 300 lb.

The frame is a 6061 aluminum, step-through style, and it is available in different colors.

Tires: 27.5″ x 2.4″other features are the LCD with speedometer, battery gauge, PAS level indicator, odometer, light status indicator, front and rear LED lights, half-twist throttle, includes rear rack, metal fenders. Contained in a box is the Breeze eBike, Charger, Full Fenders, Rear Rack, Assembly Tool Water Bottle, Hold Owner's Manual.

The Ranger Electric Cargo Bike: This is perfect for climbing steep hills. Its features are an 840wh LG battery, 900w peak, 3.0Amp quick charger. Its estimated range is at 30-60miles. Tires are 20 inches each and have a payload capacity of 400lbs. Riders’ height can vary from 4'11" -6'3"

KBO Ranger Cargo electric bike

In the box is contained the KBO Ranger eBike, Quick Charger, Full fenders, Rear Rack, Running Boards, Assembly Tool, Owner's Manual

The Stealth Urban E-Bike Hurricane

The hurricane is the most lightweight bike of all three bikes. So it is handy and easy to maneuver, providing a seamless, easy and enjoyable ride.  Generally speaking, the hurricane has a range of about 18~53 miles with pedal assist per charge. The range is influenced by factors such as cargo weight, incline, and pedal-assist levels. The LCD will show the battery. KBO Hurricane Road e-bike has a top speed of 22 mph with pedal assist. The recommended riders' height is 5'6" - 6'6". The headlight is bright enough to help you navigate your way home in the dark. The seats are also comfortable and wide enough.

The hurricane provides optimal performance with very low maintenance. You can also forget about all the greasy matters that come with traditional bikes.

Also, many buyers of the KBO bikes have attested to it being easy to assemble. Irrespective of your age, you can own and assemble one of these bikes yourself. It comes with a manual that directs you on how to set up your bike and get you riding in no time. Read customer's review

2. Affordability:

The KBO E-bikes provide a  great combination of affordability and power. It's more like you buy more for less. Considering the rising increase in the price of E-bikes, getting a KBO is a good buy. It does not cost a fortune as buying a car or some other expensive bikes in the category

Its affordability rests on the brand's adoption of a direct-brand-to-customer approach meaning there are no intermediaries or middlemen. So what you see is exactly what you get.

It was earlier mentioned that KBO bikes have very low maintenance. What that translates to is a lesser amount spent on maintenance. Again, getting a KBO E-bike saves you a lot of money when it comes to fueling and paying taxes. Apart from saving some extra money, you also save time as well. These bikes would get you to where you need to be in time, whether it works so, you can be more productive or home, so you can spend more time with your family.

3.Warranty & Shipping:

There is a 2-year warranty offering for every KBO e-bike. Should your bike develop a technical fault within this period, you can take it back to the company for a quick fix or servicing. Contact after-sales support

Free Shipping is in 48 lower states in the US and costs 100 dollars to Canada. Within three business days, your bike will be delivered to you. If you are unsatisfied with receiving your purchase, the buyer can return within a 14day period.  

 4. Customer Friendly Brand:

In KBO, the Customer is King. Customers have full access as there are no middlemen. From first purchase to every turn and bend, KBO is with you all the way. Customer support experts are readily available to give lasting solutions to questions. As a customer-friendly brand, KBO has factored in the age, social differences of the persons riding the bike.  Simply put: there is a KBO bike for everyone. Several customers have remained loyal to KBO bikes for years, and one of the major reasons is the customer service of the brand. It is simply top-notch and one of the best out there.

 5. Better Health

Back pain is one of the most common conditions in hospitals today. One of the common causes of this condition is sitting for long hours on the same spot. This happens a lot at work and can be worse during traffic, where you can be at the same spot for a long time.

With KBO bikes, you can say bye to sitting long hours in traffic, tax deficits, and undue exposure to radioactivity and enjoy nature's beauty. Taking in the fresh air as you ride on your bike can even boost your mental health. In fact, if you have been feeling down lately, try riding across town in the early hours of the morning on an e-bike. The feeling is simply incredible!

Unlike a car's 270-gram carbon emission, e-bikes emit 22gram of carbon dioxide per kilometer. This means that these bikes contribute significantly lesser amounts of air pollutants and are eco-friendly. By riding instead of driving, you reduce global warming and are helping to keep the planet safe.

Safety Tips to consider before riding

When you are riding a bike for the first time, you must consider your safety. Do not assume that you can ride or know it all. In this terrain, test the waters before a fill plunge to avoid unforeseen circumstances. Follow these safety tips, and you will be just fine.

1)Test run the bike: Check that the battery is fully charged, the brakes functioning, and the throttle is in good shape. If you hear weird sounds, the hour bike might need a thorough check before you ride.

2)Gear Up: Wear appropriate gear and accessories such as the helmet, every rider's friend, eyeglasses, hitch rack, and a rack bag (available on to keep your valuables.

3)Ensure you are securely tucked in

4)Begin the ride.

In conclusion, if you need more time, more money, and healthier life, then getting KBO bikes is a worthy investment. Apart from the apparent advantages, regarding time, environment, and money, biking is a highly recommended health exercise.  It is, therefore, safe to say that biking is the future of transportation.

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