Biking Your Way into Weight Loss | KBO Bike

Biking Your Way into Weight Loss | KBO Bike

Bicycling for most people is a leisure activity, but for some, it is a form of exercise leading to weight loss. Biking is one of the medically recommended exercises for weight loss. It involves constant activity of the muscles leading to oxidation of stored fat. 

Biking for weight loss is different from regular casual biking. For weight loss, you have to create a sustainable organization of your workouts and include more critical factors and routines. For example, there are specific types of bikes for weight loss, and there is a balance of distance and duration. There are other factors to consider, and they are all discussed below.

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Important Factors Necessary in Biking Your Way into Weight Loss

Speed and Intensity

 For weight loss, intensity is more important than speed. You tend to burn more calories when more intense than when you apply speed. The two factors are essential, but much more than speed, intensity is required. What determines the intensity is the type of electric bike, the trail, and how fast you can push yourself on the bike. 

Imagine riding a heavy mountain bike on a rocky surface, and you tend to put in more effort or intensity. Now compare with someone riding a road bike down a smooth surface with a fast speed. The latter did not put in much effort despite biking at high speed.

Distance and Duration

Distance and duration are two things that we do not want to be mixed up. It is not how far you can go in biking but how long your electric bicycle is for weight loss. You do not have to travel a very far distance to achieve your goal, but you must ensure that you spend time cycling.

 Sometimes with a breakneck speed, you can cover a long distance in a concise while, but the goal of biking is missed. If you decide to spend 25-30 minutes every day, make the time worthwhile by intensifying the biking even while covering short distances.


 The location you bike to has a significant impact on how effective the weight loss would be. The area is what determines the intensity and duration. It would be best if you were on a track that allows you to pedal consistently and does not have several halts. The frequent breaks reduce your heart rate at every interval.

 It also decreases the rate of calorie burning. If you are lucky to have a bike trail in your country, you can use that. The bike trails are more effective and safe. Alternatively, you can look for a quiet road with little to minimal traffic.

Types of Bike for Weight Loss

There is no particular type of bike for weight loss. You have to pick based on your preference and the location where you plan to cycle. I recommend KBO bikes for the purchase of your bikes. There are several types of bikes, but I will only mention a few.

▪ Road Bikes

A road bike has slim tires and a strong frame. It requires less effort and weighs very little. It is fit for smooth surfaces and uninterruptible tracks and roads. Some bikers do not think it is suitable because they find it unstable and do not feel steady on it. This bike is recommended because you need to input a lot of effort to stay balanced and stable.

▪ Cruiser Or Cross Bike

This bike has thick and heavy tires as compared to the road bike. The fantastic feature of this bike is that it has a suspension and cushion effect to make the ride very comfortable. You can maintain an upright position as you ride the bike. Riders feel more comfortable in this bike, especially new riders.

▪ Recumbent Bike

Exercisers use the recumbent bike in the gym. Some people use it for a domestic ride in the neighborhood. The bikes are closer to the ground, and like the cross bike, it allows you to sit upright. It is safer to ride it on a quiet road because of its proximity to the ground. It could cause a jam if it is driven on a busy road.

▪ Electric bike

It is also called an e-bike. It has a battery-powered engine that boosts the bike's speed as the rider pedals. The continuous pedaling stimulates the engine, which enables the bike's movement by increasing the speed. It is very comfortable to use and used for climbing hills and cycling long distances.

Essentials of Biking

After getting a bike, the next stop on your weight loss journey is to get the essential items required for a safe and comfortable ride. They include the following.

▪ Cycling Glasses: This protects your eyes from dust and any harmful substance or object in the air. It also protects your eyes from a scratch if there is an accident. Ensure that it fits your face correctly and is very firm to prevent it from falling off as you drive.

▪ Helmet: You must have your element worn anytime you ride your bike. It protects your head, especially when there is a crash. 

▪ Water Bottle: You must have a bottle filled with water on your porch whenever you go for your cycling workouts. You will get tired from the cycle, so the water is needed to refresh you as you continue.

▪ Mobile Phone: Your mobile phone should always be with you when cycling. It is safe to have your phone with you to place a call home if there is a problem or accident.

▪ Heart Rate Monitor: This device helps you to track your intensity. It allows you to keep track of your heart rate and workout progress.

How to Increase Your Cycling Performance while Pursuing Weight Loss

It has been established that the more you weigh, the more energy it takes to move you on the bike. Also, if you weigh less, you require less energy to move you on the bike. For a person who wants to cut down on weight through cycling, you need to switch diets. This helps to have an effective cycling performance and also achieve the goal of weight loss.

Increase Your Intake of Dietary Carbohydrates

Dietary carbohydrates are carbohydrates present in food such as starch, cellulose, gums, pectin, lignin, e.t.c. They come from various sources, such as grains and legumes. This kind of carbohydrate is very effective in weight loss. It helps reduce sugar intake and gives the energy required for good cycling performance. 

It is okay to cut down on the regular, easily digestible sugars like tubers, but it only gives an effective cycling performance. There would be an imbalance to have the required energy for cycling and eventually lose any weight. So it is advised that you switch your diet to grains, vegetables, and legumes to achieve a balance.

Do not Skip Your Meal Before and After Cycling.

Weight loss is not really about cutting down on your meals. If you are cycling, you need the nutrients from food to give you the required energy. The most important meals you should not miss are before and after your ride. You need the food before to prevent muscular cramps as you cycle. The one after is basically to replenish the energy expended during the ride. 

Ensure that you have a meal 5-6 hours before cycling to increase your glycogen deposit in the liver and muscles. You can also take a very soft drink a few minutes before cycling. Thirty minutes after cycling, you should have proper food containing more dietary carbohydrates and rich protein.

Eat Protein-Rich Foods

In weight loss, there might be a slight reduction in lean body mass due to the breakdown of muscular protein. This can be prevented by increasing the protein diet in your food. An increase in protein diet would prevent a reduction and increase protein production in the body. Increased protein production releases so much heat and increases metabolism. The increased production of protein also improves your cycling performance as you ride.

Plant-Based Diets

Plant-based diets may also help in weight loss. Research shows that feeding on plant-based diets helps lose about 2.5kg every month. This research also shows how feeding on animal products yielded just 2kg weight loss. This shows how effective plan diets are for weight loss. Plant diets also supply the required nutrients for energy expenditure for cycling and other activities. 


The right bike determines how effective and fun your cycling workout will turn out. Visit our website for inquiries and to purchase a suitable bike for you. Ensure you get your cycling gadgets before setting out on your workout journey.

Endeavor to stay clear of a rough path while cycling and also take necessary precautions as you ride. Do not text, call, and use your earbuds while driving. Finally, always be mindful of the weather before setting.