Best Low Impact Exercise For Senior | KBO Bike

Best Low Impact Exercise For Senior | KBO Bike

You can’t stop the aging process, but you can do more exercise like cycling with electric bike that increase your ability to live an active life. Growing up and aging necessitate a new regimen to keep up with the changes in our bodies. Bones tend to decrease in size and density as they age, weakening them and making them more prone to fracture. You might even grow a few centimeters shorter. Muscles lose strength, endurance, and flexibility over time that impairs coordination, stability, and balance. Moderate physical activity regularly can help you live a healthier life. Exercise enhances the release of sexual hormones, cardiovascular health, flexibility, mood, and self-image — all factors that contribute to a better body system. Amongst the series of physical activities suggested by health practitioners, Low impact exercises are better the most when it comes to physical activities for seniors. 

What is a Low Impact Exercise?

These activities do not require you to place a lot of tension and weight on your muscles and joints when exercising. It does not cause your feet to pound against the ground.  However, this does not hinder low-impact exercise from providing a high-intensity workout. It can be done at a leisurely pace and quickly at a fast and challenging rate.

Benefits of Low Impact Exercise for the Elderly. 

It is beneficial to people of all ages, but most importantly, the elderly. Because, as we age, we are more likely to suffer health problems. While our joints become stiffer as we age, some people may see a drop in lean body mass. It is therefore important to engage in Low Impact exercises. 

  • Improved cardiovascular health

    It improves your cardiovascular system and prevents the development of heart disease that is more prone to seniors. It is very effective in burning fats which can help you maintain a healthy weight and minimize your chances of developing heart disease.
  • Less risk of Injury

    You are less likely to hurt yourself during a low-impact exercise, which can reduce knee pain caused by high-intensity exercise for the elderly. 
  • Increased Stability and Balance

    It consists of slow, stationary, or single-leg routines that allow you to take more time in a movement to build body balance. The flexibility and balance exercise aids in maintaining stability and the prevention of falls, which can result in injuries. 
  • More Range of Motion

    Low-impact activities, as opposed to high-impact ones, are more likely to require you to use your entire range of motion, which can assist build flexibility and strength.

Some Low-impact Exercises Ideal For Seniors

1. Cycling On An Electric Bike

Cycling is a well-established kind of exercise for all age ranges, and more importantly, a very good fit for the elderly. It doesn’t entail much stress on the joints if properly done with the right equipment. Cycling has never been easier than it is now, thanks to the electronic bike era. E-bikes with a throttle option such as the KBO Breeze allow the rider to seamlessly switch between pedaling to just breezing their way on the road with the electric motor and pedal-assist feature. You have the option of using or not using your pedal. You can choose from seven degrees of pedal aid, allowing you to ride for up to 55 miles on a single charge. With only a little pedal power, you’ll be less stressed and more efficient. You can quickly transition from pedaling to cruising. You can go at your own pace, helping to keep your heart rate steady and going; you lose some fats, which increases your general fitness while increasing mental agility. 

best electric bike For Senior

2. Walking

Walking is very beneficial for the elderly. Many seniors lack the flexibility, capacity, or desire to begin a regular fitness regimen. Walking is a low-impact aerobic exercise that is helpful for total body conditioning. It is self-paced therefore based on individual capability. There is little stress involved yet, maximum benefits. Walking, because of its convenience and low cost, can be done virtually anywhere and at any time, even unconsciously as we go about our regular daily tasks. You might not have a swimming pool in your house, but you have space for you to take a walk. Seniors should take a three miles walk every day for more effectiveness. It is also advisable to use monitoring equipment such as smartwatches and fitness wristbands to keep track of your steps.

low impact exercise walking

3. Swimming

Water is known to be therapeutic. It is a form of exercise that even the California Department of Public Health supports and advocates.  Swimming is gentle on the body and highly beneficial. That makes it a good fit for the elderly. Swimming helps to explore a higher range of motion which is very instrumental in building flexibility and strength. Swimming raises your heart rate while relieving some of the impact stress on your body, Increases endurance, physical strength, and cardiovascular fitness. It aids in the maintenance of a healthy weight, heart, and lungs by burning a lot of calories which results in loss of fat, toning the body to look firm and less flabby.

4. Yoga

Some young people consider yoga a very boring activity, while others see it as a very solemn and divine activity. Nonetheless, it is one of the best low-impact exercises that seniors should participate in. It is a very patient aerobic exercise that greatly improves cardiovascular health. It improves body flexibility and blood flow, increases stability which in turn reduces injuries due to falling. It even evens to keep the mind at ease, hereby improving the mood of the participant. With easy access to plenty of online instructors and tutorial videos, it is easy to engage in, though it could be more fun if done in groups as it could also be a means of meeting people and networking, a vital mental exercise for the elderly.

5. Chair Exercises

Limited mobility shouldn’t be a hindering factor against Exercising. Seniors who are in wheelchairs can also engage in low-impact exercises. Chair exercises are a better workout than you may expect because they increase your range of motion, strength, and muscle tone while also burning calories. This exercise is appropriate for older persons because the chair provides support if balance is a difficulty. Chair exercises also allow for secure flexibility and can help minimize the risks of falls. Leg raises, Arm raises, which improves stability, and Finger training which helps to improve the gripping ability, are good examples of chair exercises.

Chair exercise for senior

6. Weight Training

Several studies have shown that elderly adults who began lifting weights increase their muscle mass and strength as well as their mobility, mental clarity, and metabolic health. Weight training can be done at home using modest free weights, or even moderately heavy objects that are easy to hold, or using standard weights at a fitness center. Weight training, which is a form of strength training, can help lower the risk, signs, and symptoms of a variety of chronic conditions. Such as heart disease, arthritis, and type 2 diabetes, as well as improving sleep.

7. Dancing

Who says you cannot have fun while exercising? Dancing is one of the best low-impact exercises; there is a higher level of commitment because it is highly enjoyable compared to the other low-impact exercises. However, not all dances can be classified as low-impact dances. Sweet rhythmical dances such as the waltz are low-impact. The regular moving in dance sessions can aid with circulation and flexibility. Attending these sessions can also provide an excellent opportunity to network and connect with people.


As you can see, starting an exercise regimen as an elderly does not have to entail running on a treadmill. You can fit in a range of low-impact cardio, strength, and resistance training into your week, most of which may be done at home. Just make sure to consult with your doctor before beginning a new training plan. When in doubt, build up your routine gradually and with assistance from an expert.