How Much Money Can A Commuter Electric Bike Save You | KBO Bike

How Much Money Can A Commuter Electric Bike Save You | KBO Bike

In essence, an electric bike is a regular bike but with high-tech gadgets, an electric motor, and a battery. Electric bicycles create a revolutionary storm as it concerns commuting across the world with people daily ditching their car and picking up an e-bike.

An electric bike is a brilliant commuting option as it helps out with hills and rough terrains, ensuring you do not overexert yourself by paddling all the way there. Have you thought about how to save money using an electric commuter bike?
Using an e-bike for commuting offers tons of benefits. However, in this article, we will discuss only the way it helps you save money. This is because an electric bike enables you to save money in so many ways, like the cost price compared to other transportation methods. So let's get started, shall we?

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1. Save money on the purchase cost

While there is quite a big difference between the cost of electric commuter bikes and traditional bikes, it cannot be compared to purchasing a car. Generally, the cost of an e-bike will range from as low as $600 to over $8000 for premium high-tech versions, with many quality electric bicycles like the Stealth Road Electric Bike KBO Hurricane going for as low as $1099.

The average price of a new car is $30,000, which is four times higher than the cost of even the most expensive electric bicycle. So one of the best ways to save money is buying an electric city bike. 

2. Save money on gas

The actual cost of commuting with a car goes beyond the high-cost price, with Strong Towns setting the actual cost of car commute at 34 cents per mile. An electronic bike helps you save money by requiring zero gas to function. Typically, a 20-mile commute costs $3 using a medium-sized sedan; such a trip would cost only 4 cents which you'll pay for charging your batteries when taken with an electric commuter bike.

You will save $1200 a year if you use an electric bicycle instead of a car for a 20-mile trip five times a week, an extra $1200 to spend. Get a contender for the best budget commuter bike from KBO, the KBO Breeze now.

3. Save money on parking costs

A report by INRIX in 2018 found more than $3000 is spent every year on parking by an average driver. These estimates were made using a single to-and-fro trip a day and the cheapest ticket costs available across the country.

This would be even higher if some expensive parking spaces were considered, ranging from $9 an hour to $20 an hour, like in Chicago. Your e-bike, especially one of the best e-bikes for commuting, helps you save money by cutting down on parking ticket costs. You can lock it to a bike rack or carry it into the office. Using an electric commuter bike is one of the best ways to save money.

4. Save money on maintenance and repair

A car requires more than just gas to run, and other costs include; tires, oil, and frequent maintenance. The costs for all these add up to a pretty huge sum at the end of the year, sometimes as much as $3000 in expenses. An electric commuter bike, on the other one, requires less than $200 a year for brake pads, maintenance, and occasional tune-ups.

A single lithium battery has a lifespan of about 1,000 charges before its performers start deteriorating, with each full charge lasting about 50 miles. So you'd have to ride for 50,000 miles before you require a change of battery, good luck with that. The 16Ah Samsung Lithium battery used on all KBO bikes lasts even longer.

5. Save money on insurance

The average cost of insuring your car or motorcycle per year is $1600 and $705, respectively. The moped is not left out either, costing as much as $300 a year to insure. E-bikes do not require insurance, and you are also not obligated to pay a registration fee.

6. Save money on transport costs

If you do not own a car and think you are better served taking public transport rather than buying an electric commuter bike, that is false. Apart from freeing you from the tight and germs-infected public transport spaces, electric bicycles are also cheaper, enabling you to save money on transport costs. Get the best commuter e-bike from KBO today.

7. Save money on gym costs

Riding an electric city bike is an excellent form of a full-body workout; it helps burns off calories while building and strengthening your bones and improving your lungs. The more you use your city electric bike for commuting, the fitter you’ll be, both mentally and physically. In addition, you can save on paying for a gym as your e-bike is giving you all the exercise you need to stay fit. The Commuter Electric Bike KBO Breeze Step-Thru from KBO Bike is an excellent option for everyone.

8. Save money by giving you more time

If you live in an urban city with roads filled with traffic, an e-bike will help you get to your destination sooner. Whether it is a ride to the office or a trip to a particularly exciting spot, using an electric city bike can get you there quicker when there is traffic thus giving you more time to spend working on relaxing.

There are many benefits of deciding to switch to electric bicycles for your daily commute. Saving money is among the most apparent reasons because it is so easy to quantify. An electric bike can help save you lots of cash annually compared to using public transport or driving your car. Therefore, we encourage you to buy a KBO electric commuter bike today and experience the benefits of riding an electric bike.