5 Ways An E-Bike Can Change Your Life | KBO Bike

5 Ways An E-Bike Can Change Your Life | KBO Bike

E-bikes are gradually taking center stage, becoming one of the most favored means of transportation worldwide, majorly because of their ability to give more for less. Beyond the cost of getting an e-Bike, it also has vital advantages that benefit the world and humanity at large.

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According to research, there has been a steady rise in the purchase of e-bikes from 2017 to 2018. This increase isn't far-fetched as the cycle has undergone various innovations since its first appearance in the early '90s bringing it to where it is now.

Many more predictions have shown that the sales of these bikes would further increase, shooting the total cost at 130 million dollars by the year 2023.

E-bikes would play a major role in solving some sustainable development goals of the United Nations, such as good health and well-being, affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth, and climate action in many cities around the world. More bicycles would mean fewer cars. Note that cars are known to release carbon emissions of about 270 grams, which is a major cause of air pollution.

Fewer cars on the road would result in less traffic, and that would result in productivity and better health. Electric bikes are the best option for transport if you wish for a cleaner planet.

Yet, you might still be wondering what the whole rave is all about. We will be sharing with you some reasons why the E-bike is important and how it could change your life.

Firstly, let's run you through what an electric bike is.

What is an E-bike?

It is an electronic bike designed with electrical parts like a motor, battery, and an assisted pedal. The goal is to enable the rider to do less of the work of pedaling, relying majorly on the bike.

Its use of rechargeable batteries helps the rider travel faster while maintaining good shape.

The integration of a pedal assist in the bike helps give a boost to your ride and also reduces the stress on your knees and thighs. Not only that, it is fast and flexible to ride, available in various designs, a major reason for the spike in demand. These bikes are suited to meet the specific needs as the rider so desires. Whether it is a cruise around town, commuting, or mountain climbing, there is a bike for you.

Much more, the viability and accessibility of the bike set it apart from its contemporaries. It has no restrictions and makes it possible for anyone to ride, irrespective of age, size, or health status. Indeed, this innovation is a blessing in disguise.

The difference between the electric bike and the regular bicycle isn't enormous. They share some similarities in features like wheels, handlebars, and frames. However, the apparent difference is the electrical parts that make the e-bike more functional and easy to ride. They come with batteries that can be recharged, a motor, pedal, and other assist features such as a GPS and many more.

Who Should Ride an E-bike?

  • Anyone whofinds riding a regular bike difficult
  • Any future-forward thinking individual highly concerned about his health, wealth, and the state of the world at large

How Can It Change Your Life?

It Improves Fitness and Overall Health

Exercise is one of the many ways to live healthily and reduce the risk of being infected by a disease. Research shows that exercise intensity is much higher on an e-bike than on a regular bike.

Contrary to popular belief, an electric bike is not less effective in working out. The inclusion of an electric bike in a workout regimen would help strengthen the muscle, the heart, lungs, and overall body stamina increasing flexibility. They also help burn calories, thereby enhancing weight loss.

Mentally, cycling has been proven to release endorphins, the feel-good hormone. This equals a happier and more relaxed individual. In a world where much mental health is at stake, getting an electric bike could be a sort of therapy to help reduce this decline. It has also been recorded to reduce diseases like diabetes, depression, and cancer.

E-bikes can be incorporated into a daily routine by riding every day to and fro work, school, visiting with friends, and going shopping.

Availability & Affordability

One of the many reasons why electric bikes are on the trend list is their variety and flexibility. It is not a one-cap fit all like it is common with regular bikes. However you want, and for whatever, there is a bike for you.

They are not, however, limited to individuals alone. Some companies have joined the trend. Many use these bikes like the KBO electric cargo bike to the courier and for delivery services. For them, it is swift delivery that would generate increased profit.

In comparison to other forms of transportation, e-bikes are way cheaper and more affordable to get. Sometimes, saving all you have might not be enough to get you your desired vehicle.

The option of an e-bike is economical and allows you to save more, and here is how: you would spend less on taxes, licenses, vehicle registration, buying gas, servicing, or paying for bus fares if you are yet to get a car of your own. Considering the pandemic outbreak, owning an e-Bike means you would frequent overcrowded bus and train stations

It also affords you the ability to save your time commuting to and fro work. A study by the US Census Bureau records that with electric bikes, commuters will turn around 26 minutes commuting to and fro work.

Hence, there is more time to spend with your family and friends as you would spend less time in traffic. You could get home early for dinner or a date night. Ain't that some good news.

Many companies have also adopted this measure to meet up with clients' orders and deliveries. Won't you rather run on cheaper and faster measures to get things done and increase your ROI?

It is Eco-Friendly

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, "A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.

This assumes the average gasoline vehicle on the road today has a fuel economy of about 22.0 miles per gallon and drives around 11,500 miles per year. Every gallon of gasoline burned creates about 8,887 grams of CO2."

Wish you had superpowers so you could change things? Well, of course, you do. Get a bike and save the planet!

In the United Nations' sustainable development goal, there is a call for climate action to prevent further depletion. Your role in its fulfillment is to embrace means that would support this cause.

One of such means is reverting traditional means of transportation. This is one of the many ways to save the planet from global warming, greenhouse emissions, and carbon footprints. Cutting down on driving would give us better air to breathe and a safer world to live in.

Makes for Easy Commuting

Electric bikes are a great alternative to commuting to work and anywhere you so desire. With a pedal-assist enabled bike, you could travel riding as fast as possible without breaking a sweat.

Also, heavy traffic in cities is detrimental. It leads to the consumption of fossil fuel and undue delays. With the ease of navigation that an e-bike offers, you can predetermine your arrival time to any event or place and be there in due time.

As a Means of Leisure

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! Replace a sedentary lifestyle of sitting by the pool or reading a book with cycling. Not only would it improve your health, but it would also increase your awareness of the world around you and your confidence too.

More than its capacity to enhance your work, the electric bike could serve as a form of leisure. Take rides around town drinking in the beauty of nature, or have a bike hangout with your friends.

Leisure cycling is a type of cycling, and it is more fun when it is done with family and friends. You all could ride to a destination spot and have a picnic together or go mountain climbing. What better way to strengthen family ties?

Final Thoughts

Electric bikes are the future! And as people become more aware of the benefits, they are opting for electric bikes other than other modes of commuting. Don't be caught napping and get yourself one as a lover of life and health. You can shop for a bike of your choice here.