2021 World Bicycle Day | KBO Bike

2021 World Bicycle Day | KBO Bike

With the 2021 World Bicycle Day fast approaching, everyone should know why exactly a world bicycle day and acknowledge the versatility, uniqueness, and longevity of the bicycle (over 200 years).

June 3rd was declared World Bicycle Day in April 2018 by the United Nations General Assembly. The resolution for World Bicycle Day recognizes and celebrates this reliable, simple, affordable, and clean means of transportation.
Additionally, the bicycle helps foster environmental health and stewardship. Few devices merit celebration as much as a bicycle.

We shall answer the question of why the Bicycle Day is being celebrated. Why do people around the globe pay tribute to the bike, and what benefits does electric bike bring to the society.


world bicycle day


Improves cardiovascular health

The health benefits of riding a bike are enormous, with one being that it improves cardiovascular health. The performance of the cardiovascular system is optimized when you cycle. It also boosts circulation in the body, strengthens the heart, and reduces the resting pulse. Exercise, in general, reduces your risk of circulatory and heart diseases, and cycling is an excellent way to exercise since it helps burns calories by raising your heart rates. Riding an electric bicycle like the KBO electric commuter bike helps you lose weight while building and toning your muscles, consequently improving your overall fitness.

A clean and enjoyable way to commute

Not everyone can afford to give up an hour of their time to exercise with their bicycle every day. A logical way for you to fit riding into your daily schedule is simply making it your preferred method of commute. Unlike going to the gym, cycling can be easily integrated into your everyday life when using it as a transportation method.

This offers all the benefits of exercising and even more without the drawback of dedicating special hours to exercising. Using a bicycle as your preferred method of commute offers services beyond being a method of exercising. You get to avoid traffic, avoid the crowded and germ-filled trains and buses, and to spend more time enjoying nature. Driving a car has been connected to obesity and weight gain, even in drivers who still dedicate special hours to exercising. So, get an electric bike from KBO today.

Improves brain power

A review of studies in 2011 established that exercise increases brainpower and helps stave off Alzheimer’s amongst senior citizens. In 2017, a scientific literature review on the advantages of training in Alzheimer's treatments came to the same conclusion - exercise improves brain power and cognitive functions.
This benefit isn't restricted to the elderly, though. A study published in 2014 noted that children benefit even more by riding a bicycle. It helps control other issues such as ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder).

Strengthens your immune system

Of immense relevance in today's world, considering the Covid-19 pandemic, researchers have observed that exercise offers enormous benefits to the upper respiratory system's health. This reduces instances of the common cold and helps people who exercise aerobically eliminate sick days by 40%.
Research has further shown that exercising by cycling help strengthens our immune system by boosting the production of much-needed essential proteins. Another excellent reason riding a bicycle helps improve your immune system is by cutting down or eliminating the time you spend inside germ-infused buses, cars, and trains.

Easy on the joints – Electric bicycles

When you go for a walk, you are putting your body weight on your legs. When you ride a bike, the weight is placed on the ischial tuberosities, a pair of bones in the pelvis. This makes riding a bicycle perfect for the elderly experiencing age-related stiffness or anyone with joint pains.

An electric bicycle eases this pain further, making it possible for everyone to ride for as long as they desire, only exerting effort when they feel comfortable enough to do so.

Boost your bowels

The benefits of riding a bicycle extend past your muscles, going deep into your core. Exercise helps shorten the time food requires to move through your large intestine. This leaves you with softer stools as its cuts down on the quantity of water reabsorbed into your body during digestion.
Also, cycling quickens your heart rate and breathing, and this helps stimulate the contraction of your intestinal muscles, protecting you against bowel cancer and keeping you from feeling bloated. Research has also proven that if you ride a bicycle regularly, your chances of having bowel cancer are reduced, while initial evidence suggests that it also helps in reducing the risks of breast cancer.

Improves mental well-being

A YMCA study showed that physically active people had a well-being score 32% higher than individuals who are not physically active. Riding a bicycle can boost your mood in various ways: it releases adrenaline and endorphins, improves confidence, and you get to explore new bike trails. You can decide to ride solo and ponder the great mysteries of the world or ride with a group growing your social circle. Graeme Obree, a former Guinness World Hour Record holder says that cycling helped him survive depression and he doesn't know where he would be without cycling.

Helps with weight control

Riding a bicycle raises your metabolic rates, burns body fats, and builds muscles. This makes it a reliable way of controlling or reducing weight. Riding a bicycle is a convenient method of exercising that can easily be integrated into your lifestyle in an intensity that suits you. You burn an average of 2000 calories when you ride a bicycle for a minimum of 30 minutes daily in a week. Even if you only ride your bicycle for 2 days, these calories burned to add up, and you would notice a change in no time. However, to achieve the best results, you should consider combining riding a bicycle with a healthy diet plan.

Improves balance and coordination

A 2013 study on older adults observed that riding a bicycle improves balance and helps prevent falls. The reason for this is apparent when you consider the very nature of riding a bicycle. You are constantly working on your credit in a bid to keep the bicycle upright. For this reason, people with neurological disorders are advised to cycle to improve balance and coordination.


The bicycle is indeed an innovation that deserves celebrating as its benefits are numerous! Riding a bicycle helps protect you from serious diseases, keeps you healthy, and is easy to fit into your daily routine. Get the best ebike for the money from the reliable KBO electric bike brand today.