First About us

KBO Bike is aimed at offering more choices for people who bike to commute and who bike for leisure by pushing the boundaries for innovation and imagination. We want you to explore the freedom and pure enjoyment a KBO bike has to offer. We provide well-built e-bikes with an unbeatable price due to the direct-to-customer business without using a distributor. So, no matter what your age or what your job is, no matter who you are or where you come from, we strive to offer cost-efficient electric bikes for you.

Make commuting easier

KBO Bike is committed to providing high-performance commuter electric bicycles at the afforable price. You will never be caught in traffic congestion again. Experience the freedom an electric bike has to offer. Don’t want to arrive all hot and sweaty? No worries! Get a KBO bike!

Make service smoother

KBO Bike provides 7 days a week customer support service AND a two-year warranty.

Make life more sustainable

A KBO bicycle is easy on your wallet. Gas prices may soar but an electric bike offers a genuine transportation alternative for just a few cents per charge. Fuel costs, insurance premiums, car tax or parking fees?  ZERO. KBO Bike advocates a healthy riding lifestyle. We are committed to improving the environment because our bicycles provide a clean, green, no-petrol alternative to transportation.